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What A Mystery!


You can see the strange objects that greeted us at Miriam Lord this morning.  What are they? Who do they belong to? Time will tell.

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The Tremendous Tin Challenge


As always, we will be supporting the Bradford Central Foodbank as we approach our Harvest Festival this year.  The food bank is a wonderful organisation who provide valuable support to many families in need.  This year, the focus is on 'The Tremendous Tin Challenge' and schools and organisations are trying to gather a tonne of tins to feed local hungry families.


We will be having a whole school assembly on Monday 8th October and shall start start collecting donations then for two weeks.  Please think of others at this time and give generously.

Picture 1


A Break In!


This week we had a break-in, and the children in Year 1 and 2 discovered that the Sports Days trophy had been stolen from the trophy cabinet.  Luckily for us, we had a bunch of dedicated superheroes who got on the case straight away and looked at the clues left behind.  They quickly deduced that it was The Joker! In the end, the trophy was found safe and sound in Miss Lawton's snack drawer; The Joker must have stashed it there to pick it up later.  Keep your eyes peeled Miriam Lord in case he comes back.

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