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Celebrating Difference


It was wonderful to have Paul Sturgess joining us today for a whole school assembly.  In the assembly he talked passionately about how he has overcome barriers in his life and embraces the qualities that he has.  Paul is the tallest man in Britain and was extremely honest about what it was like to grow up looking 'different' to everyone else.  He has since gone on to star in the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team and is now engaged in a succcessful movie career.  Remember, we are all different, embrace who you are in the world.

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Handwriting Workshops


One of your biggest successes this year has been to introduce a new scheme for handwriting.  The pupils at Miriam Lord have responded brilliantly to it and everyone has been so impressed by the improvements we have seen.  This week we have been running workshops for parents so that we can share our approach and help families to support children at home. Thank you to everyone who came.

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Buckden House Parent's Meeting


Thank you to all parents and family members who attended our Buckden House meeting yesterday.  Hopefully you all feel reassured that your children will be in safe hands and that they are looking forward to a fabulous week away in the Yorkshire Dales.

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Miriam Lord Musicians


We are all feeling very proud of this fantastic bunch of pupils who have tackled their latest piano examinations this morning.  The feedback on their performances was extremely positive and comments  reflected how hard they have worked recently.  A big thank you from Miriam Lord to Mr Atkinson who has prepared them brilliantly.

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World Book Day Quiz 2019


Always one of our most exciting events at Miriam Lord as children from across school took part in our World Book Day Quiz.  The questions get trickier every year and this year really tested our reading and book knowledge. Well done to all of those who took part and congratulations to our winners. 

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Pancake Day 2019


Another exciting day ahead today, particularly for our Year 1 pupils who are learning to make the perfect pancake.  It will no doubt be a good test of their maths skills as they try to get the measurements right.  Mr Harrison is hoping he gets to taste the final product.

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Dream, Believe Achieve Event


Today has been one of the most memorable days I can remember at Miriam Lord as we celebrated our first ever Dream, Believe Achieve event.  Mrs Saunders (Year Six Class Teacher) has worked so hard to make this event a success and has been relentless in trying to get as many inspirational visitors as possible to speak to our pupils.  All that hard work paid off as we were lucky to be visited by some truly inspirational guests from a range of careers and backgrounds.


A special thanks must go to Naz Shah MP who took time out of her busy schedule to kick off the day with a fantastic assembly.  In the assembly she talked to our pupils about her background, how hard she had worked and about how the choices she had made that led to her becoming a Member Of Parliament. 


This has then been followed by assemblies and workshops from a range of visitors including: an Apprentice finalist, a Bake Off contestant, vets, civil engineers, solicitors, doctors, police officers and lecturers.  On behalf of everyone at Miriam Lord Primary School can I say a huge thank you to everyone who has very kindly given up their time to inspire our pupils, it is much appreciated.


As well as this, we encouraged the pupils to come dressed as someone they aspire to be in later life.  As you can imagine, we have had an abundance of footballers; but we have also had children dressed as: fire officers, doctors, teachers, pilots and vets.  It is reassuring to know that the future is in good hands when our pupils grow up and start these new roles and careers.

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