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Governor Induction

The Governing Body greatly appreciates the willingness of governors to give their time to the strategic oversight of the school.  It recognises the important of giving new and prospective governors the information and support they need to enable them to fulfill their role effectively from the outset.  To support our Governing Body we use the clerking services of School Governor Services, the clerk's details for Miriam Lord are as follows:  Helen Osman -


Introduction To The School

The Headteacherl will invite the new governor to visit the school.  This will include a tour of the school and provide an opportunity to discuss the context of the school and how it is currently performing in key areas.  Within this discussion, there will be a focus on key data and pupil progress so as a new governor gains an understanding of how the school monitors pupil achievement.


A brief overview of the School Improvement Plan will be provided at the meeting, with the chance for new governors to ask any questions about the key challenges currently facing the school.  This may also include an overview of the school's budget position.


At this meeting, new governors will receive:

  • The latest information on pupil progress and achievement data;

  • Copies of the School Improvement Plan and Governing Body Action Plan;
  • Information on the school budget and financial position;
  • Copies of key policies e.g. Child Protection and Safeguarding;
  • A copy of the Governing Body Code Of Conduct.



Responsibility Of New Governors

The Governing Body expects that new governors will make themselves available to visit the school and will attend 'New Governor Induction Training' within six months of taking up a position on the Governing Body.



Information from the School Governor Service

On election or appointment, the new governor willl recieve a welcome pack from SGS containing general information about the roles and responsibilities of the Governning Body; this pack contains: 


  • A covering letter;
  • Procedural hints;
  • The seven principles of public life;
  • A list of sources of information and support;
  • NGA Paper 7 - Governors: Who they are what they do;
  • NGA Association Paper 32 - The New Governor
  • Latest governor training prosepctus;
  • Latest edition of Notepad. 



Information From The School

To ensure that new and prospective governors have the most relevant information about being a governor at Miriam Lord, we have created links to a number of documents that provide information about the school and the work that the governing body is engaged in.  These links are regularly updated and if any new, or prospective, governors would like a copy please contact the school office.

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