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As you all know, we were recently visited by Ofsted for a Section 8 Inspection.  These types of inspections are planned to last for one day and inspectors are checking if we remain a 'good' school.  Four years ago we were judged to be good overall and we were judged to have 'outstanding' behaviour and leadership.  A one day inspection does not cover all areas of school and does not provide new gradings; inspectors are just checking if things remain good and if we have made progress in our key areas for improvement.


The day was extremely challenging, and our lead inspector, Lesley Butcher HMI, questioned all school leaders and governors to see if we had a good grasp of our current strengths and areas for improvement.  You know that I can not share the outcome until the letter is published, as Ofsted believe that outcomes should remain confidential until the publication is complete.  Rest assured I will send the letter to parents as soon as I have it.

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