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Help us change someone's life!


Miriam Lord's School Council have partnered with Otley All Saint's Primary School's School Council to help raise money for impoverished people in third world countries. The two school councils have decided to raise money for the Deki Foundation, which is a micro loan company that lends people a small amount of money to help people improve their lives. Therefore, both schools have decided to raise money to donate to the Deki Foundation.


Miriam Lord's School Council have made the decision to have a non-uniform day for the entire school on Tuesday 27th March. If pupils decide to come in non-uniform, Miriam Lord's School Council is asking that you would be generous enough to donate 50p. The School Council will then collect in the money and then announce how much money they have raised at the end of the day on Tuesday 27th March. 


Keep reading the school's website for updates on our progress.


School Councillors

School Councillors 1 Zainab
School Councillors 2 Awais
School Councillors 3 Noor
School Councillors 4 Farhaan
School Councillors 5 Aaliyah
School Councillors 6 Raheem
School Councillors 7 Ruwaida
School Councillors 8 Jazim
School Councillors 9 Zara
School Councillors 10 Muhammed
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