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Spiritual Development

At Miriam Lord we deliver a programme of RE lessons, where opportunities are explored to understand the different beliefs and values of others.  This programme provides opportunities to visit different places of worship from a range of religions/faiths.  As well as this, we have established a strong link with our local church (St Paul’s Manningham) to develop a common understanding of how faith and religion contribute to heritage. This is supported by a programme of assemblies lead by faith leaders from across the district.


Children have the opportunity to engage in a series of residential trips delivered i.e. Buckden House, Spain that allow opportunities to work alongside children from different backgrounds and develop an understanding of different places and cultures.  This is supported by partnership with contrasting schools as part of the School Linking Network (SLN) to provide an understanding of belief and views of children from different communities and their perspectives on life.


In school, we have created areas such as ‘The Hive’ (Outdoor Area), ‘The Lab’ (Continuous Provision area for KS1), ‘The Blurb’ (Library) ‘The Den’ (School Garden) and ‘The Hub’ (Media Centre) as reflective learning spaces for all children in school.  Have a look at the photos below:

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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