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Literacy in Year 2


Year 2 innovated the story 'The Joker Returns' by changing the baddie. Some children then recorded their version in the school's radio station. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

The Thief Returns-Inaya M y2-12.10.17.mp3

THe Tiger Returns-Adam A Y2-12.10.17.mp3


Batmobile Prototype


This afternoon (11.10.17), Year 2 have been following instructions to build a prototype car for Batman to protect Manningham. We reasoned about what was successful and how we could improve our car next time. After that, we had a race!  How do you think Year 2 did? 

Testing one... two... three

Still image for this video

On your marks... get set... GO!

Still image for this video

On your marks... get set... GO!

Still image for this video


Local Area Walk


This week (09.10.17), Year 2 went on a walk around our local area to help us make a map for Batman. We took some photographs of places that are near our school.  We then made a map of Manningham by placing the photographs in the correct place.


Following Instructions


As a part of our literacy unit on instructions, some of the Year 2 children went out this morning (10.10.17) to make a smoothie. However, they had to follow the instructions carefully or else disaster could have struck! They looked at the verbs in the instructions and followed them step by step.  Look at the pictures below to see how they got on!


Maths in Year 2


In Year 2, we have being lots of equipment (numicon, base ten, counters and number lines) to help us understand how to add. 


Adding 1
Adding 2
Adding 3
Adding 4
Adding 5
Adding 6
Adding 7
Adding 8
Adding 9
Adding 10
Adding 11


ICT in Year 2


Year 2 looked at 'tweets' and sorted them into two different groups. They did this according to if they were nice or nasty messages. After that, they thought about what they could do if they saw or experienced any of these nasty messages online. This led onto talk about how teasing and bullying can impact people not on the outside, but on the inside. 

Staying Safe Online


The Joker Returns!


During the first week of Year 2, something very strange happened... the house cup went missing! The police came and cornered off The Lab, but they didn't have time to investigate the crime. So they asked Year 2 to help them to solve the mystery. Year 2 did a fantastic job by: measuring footprint, identifying hand prints, matching hair strands and noticing hidden messages. They came to the conclusion that the criminal was THE JOKER! We passed this information on to the police and we now have the house cup back at Miriam Lord. Thank you Year 2 for all your help!

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