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Viking Bakers


As part of their most recent curriculum unit, pupils in Year Six have been baking Viking bread in preparation for a feast.  From listening to their discussions when baking, it would seem the main difference between Viking bread and the bread we eat today is the lack of yeast.  Mr Harrison is looking forward to sampling some at the feast...once they have made the butter!

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You Need Me Beowulf!


As part of our recent literacy unit, Year 6 have been writing a persuasive letter to Beowulf (a Viking warrior). The purpose of our letter was to convince Beowulf to let us join him in a difficult battle against a beast named the Grendel. Here are a few samples of the amazing work we produced - have a listen!

Picture 1

Muhammad - Rowling Class - Beowulf

Amirah - Rowling Class - You Need Me Beowulf

Bilal - Rowling Class - Dear Beowulf

Jorvik Trip


Year 6 have recently been to the old Viking city of Jorvik to investigate what daily life was like during this exciting historical period. As we travelled around the Viking-age city of Jorvik, aboard the time capsule ride, we encountered the old-Norse speaking citizens, peeked inside their houses and back yards, experienced a blast of smoke from blacksmith's furnace and enjoyed the smell of home-cooked stew inside the home of an amber worker. We also had a go at some Viking battle skills whilst visiting The Dig Viking Centre.

Viking Helmets


We have been getting a bit crafty in Year 6 whilst exploring our first curriculum unit - The Vikings. In order to design our very own Viking helmet, we worked collaboratively in groups to gather and organise our ideas. We created a number of designs which we refined over time by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This helped us to develop the most suitable design that fit the design criteria. To put our designs to the test, we build paper prototypes. This gave us a good opportunity to see if our structure would be successful. We were then able to begin building our final design with card and paper maché (we got a bit messy). We then added our own personal flare through decorations to make these look authentic and traditional!





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