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Year 6 Graduation and Prom


As a way to celebrate all Year 6's fantastic efforts and achievements this year, Year 6 was invited to attend their graduation ceremony and prom this week. The day began with a leaving service, where each student impressively delivered a speech to parents and families, speaking about their time at Miriam Lord and their hopes for the future: Miss Pickin and Miss Decciaco are both very proud of how confidently each student articulated themselves in front of the audience. A variety of talented individuals also confidently performed a number of acts, including a rap, a magic show, an impressionist performance, jokes and a musical duet, presenting a highly entertaining ceremony for the audience.


The following afternoon, children were invited back into the hall for their prom celebrations, eating a selection of delicious food whilst having a good boogie. This was such a fun filled day and we loved every single minute!

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