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Cultural Development

Miriam Lord serves a community that is becoming increasingly diverse, with a number of pupils and families joining us from many different places around the world.  We are proud that our children demonstrate they are able to interact positively with all members of our school community and show high levels of acceptance to each other, regardless of gender, ethnicity or community background.


We encourage pupils to take part in as many different activities as possible so as we can broaden the range of cultural experiences they engage with.  Successful residential visits to places such as Buckden House have widened pupils' understanding of life outside of there own community and deepened their life experiences.  Photos from recent examples of this work can be seen below:


As part of our work on enriching the curriculum we encourage pupils to take part in a wide variety of trips, events and activities.  This can include visiting new places as a way of broadening their cultural horizons, as well as engaging in school-led events such as musical and sporting events.  We have included a small example of photos below:

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