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Future Habitats


In Key Stage 1 we learnt about how a new animal called a 'geep' or a 'shoat' was created by scientists by combining a goat and sheep. We then met some very new and interesting animals that may be created in the future. This included an 'eleguin' which was a mixture of an elephant and a penguin and a 'shorse' which was a mixture of a shark and a horse. We had to think very hard about the kind of habitat that these new and wonderful creatures would need depending upon what they ate and needed to live. Our job was to create a habitat suited to both elements of these creatures and say why we had designed it in that way. Have a look at some of our creations, we definitely did a very good job at catering for the animal's needs.


Future Transport 


As part of last week's Dream Believe Achieve Event - Design The Future, Year 6 placed themselves in the shoes of a FutureTech engineer to design different types of transport to change the future. To make sure we could come up with very best ideas, we discussed what types of learning muscles were really important for engineering. To design a successful product, we were asked to include: new exciting features, features to decrease pollution and ways to improve the appearance. Our teachers were blown away with the creative ideas we came up with. Take a look at our amazing inventions below. 


Baby Owl Nests 🦉


As part of our Dream, Believe, Achieve event in school this week, Nursery children were challenged to make a nest to keep the baby owls warm. They stretched their noticing muscle by looking closely at pictures of nests and talking about what they were made from and why baby owls need a nest. Then they used their persevering and imitating muscles to make their own nests. They used sticks, feathers, leaves and straw to create the best possible nest to keep the baby owls safe and warm. 


“We’re making a nest, it’s oval one. It’s got leaves and sticks. The owl babies they live in the nest. They feel cosy. Look he’s flying, he’s having worms!” SK

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