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Curriculum- the media


This half-term we have been learning about how communication has changed and evolved over time. We have looked at past adverts, forms of communication, logos and apps. We have even created our own printing blocks! We made our initials and printed them onto paper to recreate the first ever printing press made famous by William Caxton. 



In LKS2 we have been learning about food and how to make soup. We have learned skills such as peeling, chopping, dicing and grating carrots. We also blended, seasoned and boiled our soup. The we tasted it and evaluated in our books. 

The King who Banned the Dark


In LKS2 we have begun exploring the curiosity cube, we have been using our noticing muscles to describe what we see. We have also been using our making links muscles to compare the similarities and differences between The King who Banned the Dark and a range of dark books such as owl babies. 


What can you see? What could our book be about?

Curiosity cube

Design Technology


This week in Lower Key Stage 2 we have been making catapults. We have used a range of materials including hot glue, lolly pop sticks, wood, bottle tops and elastic bands. Our collaboration and planning muscles have supported the making process. 


What are your thoughts on our Norman catapults?




In Lower Key Stage 2 we have been looking at the Normans. We have used our noticing muscles to locate where castles are, discuss their features and compare Primary and Secondary evidence sources. We have used our making links muscles to explore the link between castles, catapults and the Norman period. We have been studying the Normans and catapults across history, geography and design technology. 

The Normans

Place Value


In maths we have been looking at place value. We have used base 10 equipment to help us. We have been focusing on key vocabulary such as ones, tens and hundreds. We have also used place value tables and counters to make, understand and write, up to three digit numbers. We have used various diagrams to represent these numbers including Part-Whole Models and Bar Models. 

Fine Class

Making Junk Robots

In literacy, we have started to read a book that has a robot with a broken heart and no matter how had the robot doctors try they can not fix him so is sent off to the scrap yard to spend the rest of his days. I know very sad! So Lower Key Stage 2 decided that we should build a junk robot that could be a friend for the robot in the story. We designed our robot, brought in things from home and then worked with a  partner to build it. 


What do you think about our robots?

King-Smith's Junk Robots

Collaboration in Lower Key Stage 2


To build get to know our new class members we were set the challenge to work in groups of four to pick up and stack six cups into a pyramid in the quickest time without touching them! We has to stretch our Collaboration Muscle by listening to each other's ideas and instructions, suggesting improvements and supporting each other in the task. It was super hard but we all managed to do it by the end. 


Welcome Back!

In our first week at school, we stretched our Empathy and Listening Muscle to think about what we were looking forward to in Lower Key Stage Two and things that we might feel a bit nervous or worried about. We discussed our worries as a class and realised that many of us had the same anxieties so together we came up with strategies to use if we did become worried. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!

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