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At Miriam Lord an elected School Council is in place to tackle and voice opinions on key issues through school e.g. development of school vision and school logo, links with local primary school.  This council is elected by the pupils following a process of nominating themselves or others and taking part in a hustings event.  School Councillors represent the views of the pupils and work with Mrs Ali to discuss issues affecting the pupils at Miriam Lord.


School Councillors engage in different activities and projects to tackle issues affecting the pupils at Miriam Lord.   A recent example of this would there work to tackle dangerous parking outside the school gates by working alongside the Neighbourhood Policing Team.  Have a look at the photograph below to see them at work:


At Miriam Lord we encourage pupils to investigate and offer reasoned views about moral and ethical issues.  This takes place within lessons, through assemblies and across different activities that engage the whole school.  A recent example of this would be through our work to engage the school and local community in a Peace Walk.  The walk was arranged in response to pupils' feelings about world events and their desire to make a positive change.


All pupils at Miriam Lord recognise the need to be role models and respond to the high expectations placed on them around behaviour.  We our proud of our ethos, an ethos that encourages pupils to make appropriate choices so as everyone can make a positive contribution to our learning community.  Wen poor choices are made, we encourage pupils to reflect carefully on their actions and how they can change their behaviour to make strong choices in the future.  All pupils at Miriam Lord make a positive contribution to the school, as well as understanding the consequences of poor choices.

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