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The Jungle Song 

This weeks rhyme is the jungle song which is sung to the tune twinkle twinkle little star. The rhyme had a tiger, elephant and a crocodile. We sang along to the tune and did animal actions as we sang. Have fun practising at home.


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Science Day in Nursery

This week we took part in national science week. We celebrated for a day in Nursery where the children came dressed as scientists and their parents joined them to take part in different experiments in the classroom. 
We worked out the best way to free the animals from the ice - we used cold water, warm water and salt. Which do you think worked the best? 
We challenged ourselves to follow the recipe to see who could make the stretchiest slime and how far it would go. Our winner was our powerful science learner of the week! 
We set up a travelling water experiment and watched closely to see if the water would travel from cup to cup and what happened to the colours. It took a long time! 
Our last experiment was the rainbow sweets! The children had great fun setting out the sweets, adding water and then watching as the magic happened - can you see the rainbows? 

The Animals in the Jungle 

We carried on with our theme of animals and learnt our next rhyme ‘the animals in the jungle’.

This rhyme was sung to the tune of ‘the wheels on the bus’ but with new words. The children enjoyed guessing the animals and then performed the animal actions in the song. Have fun singing this one at home!


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World Book Day - Croc and Bird 🐊🦜

We celebrated World Book day this week by reading the book ‘Croc and Bird’. The children listened carefully to the story and answered questions about what was happening to the crocodile and bird. Then we watched videos about eggs hatching and talked about the differences between crocodiles and birds.

Next the children took part in activities in the classroom based on the book. They imitated different patterns on the egg outline and then used watercolours and workshop resources to create a representation of a crocodile or a bird.  

If you’re an elephant and you know it 🐘

This week we learnt the rhyme - if you’re an elephant and you know it.
We sang to the tune of ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ but changed the words for the new rhyme.

The elephant stamped his feet, the monkey jumped up and down, the crocodile snapped his jaws and the lion did a roar!

Have fun singing this rhyme at home.


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Down in the Jungle 🐘🦁🐵🐊

Down in the jungle was our new rhyme that we learnt this week. We loved learning this rhyme and boogie woogie dancing as we sang!

Listen to the rhyme at home and practice singing along with us. 


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Rhyme Challenge Week 5

This was our final week of the rhyme Challenge and we saved the hardest song till the end! This rhyme was tricky for the children, parents and teachers as we had to sing in Bengali. We all gave it a really good go and tried really hard to learn the words to sing the song together. All the children loved the rhyme challenge and were really pleased to receive their certificate at the end of the session today. 

Rhyme Challenge Week 4

Today was our fourth week of the Rhyme Challenge and it was lovely to see so many parents in attendance. We started the session by going through the rhymes we had already learnt and the children really enjoyed joining in with the shout from last weeks song, Sally go round the sun.

Next we learnt this weeks rhyme, Criss Cross Apple Sauce! It was a new rhyme for us all to learn but everyone really enjoyed singing along and performing the actions on each other. The children remembered them really well and could perform the rhyme on their mummies and daddies too. 


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We’re Going On A Bear Hunt 🐻

Today Nursery went on their own bear hunt! We left school heading for The Den and our first obstacle was a big black gate! We couldn’t go over it, we couldn’t go under it, so we had to go through it! We carried on our journey and came across a noisy busy road, another big black gate, some wibbly wobbly pebbles, some tall green trees, an old broken bridge and a small creepy den! Each time we couldn’t go over them, we couldn’t go under them, so we had to go through them! Finally in the small creepy den we saw something with one shiny wet nose, two goggly eyes, two big furry ears, it was a BEAR!
Very quickly we went back through the den, the bridge, the trees, the pebbles, the gate, the road, the gate, back into school, through the door, into the classroom, under the cushions, we’re not going on a bear hunt again! 

Persevering -  Giraffes can’t Dance!

Everyone in school has been learning about persevering so in Nursery we joined in and introduced the word to the children through the story ‘Giraffes can’t dance. 
They listened carefully to the story of Gerald the Giraffe who really wanted to dance like the other animals but couldn’t so he kept on trying and persevering and eventually at the end of the story, Gerald danced the most wonderful dance in front of all his friends. 
We talked about what it means to persevere with the children and since then they have all been working on persevering in the classroom. The children have been working hard to fasten their own coats, ride the pedal bikes and use tools they find hard to use as part of developing their persevering skills. 

Rhyme Challenge Week 3


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Rhyme Challenge week number 3 this week and we had another great turn out. We started our session by again reminding ourselves of the rhymes we have learnt so far and singing them together. 

Then we learnt this weeks rhyme ‘Sally go round the sun.’ We all sang the rhyme together to learn the words and then we imitated the video we had watched and all joined in the dance. The parents and children all seemed to enjoy this week and it was great to see everyone getting involved. 

Rhyme Challenge Week 2

It’s the second week of our Rhyme Challenge and our first task was to sing last weeks rhyme to remind ourselves of what we had already learnt. The children and parents did very well, they must have been doing lots of singing at home!

Then we started to learn this weeks rhyme - Run, run, run all day to the library. This was to the tune of row row row your boat but with new words. Everyone did really well learning the new lines and joining in with the actions. 
We’re excited for next week to see what our next rhyme will be! 


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Rhyme Challenge Week 1


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Today was our first week of the Bradford Library Rhyme Challenge. All our families came to join us and we learnt our first rhyme - 5 little monkeys. 
The children really enjoyed singing the rhyme with their families and joined in with counting the monkeys throughout the song. They loved the crocodile and found it really funny every time he snapped a monkey out of the tree! 
We can’t wait for next week to learn the second rhyme! 

Dream Believe Achieve 

As part of our Dream, Believe, Achieve event in school this week, Nursery children were challenged to make a nest to keep the baby owls warm. They stretched their noticing muscle by looking closely at pictures of nests and talking about what they were made from and why baby owls need a nest. Then they used their persevering and imitating muscles to make their own nests. They used sticks, feathers, leaves and straw to create the best possible nest to keep the baby owls safe and warm. 

“We’re making a nest, it’s oval one. It’s got leaves and sticks. The owl babies they live in the nest. They feel cosy. Look he’s flying, he’s having worms!” SK

Firework Display 🎆🎇

We celebrated Bonfire night by holding our own firework display for Nursery and Reception. We invited our families to watch with us and enjoyed roasted potatoes and Parkin while we watched the fireworks. We all had great fun!


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Our New Outdoor Area

During the Summer holiday our EYFS playground had a makeover! Nursery have loved exploring the new outdoors space since we have started back at school. There is so much to investigate including a race track, sand pit, climbing frame with slide, mud kitchen, water investigation, climbing wall and a new garden area with musical instruments, bug kitchen, planters and a den! We have had so much fun in our new space and love playing out there everyday!

Happy Birthday 🥳 

Our new book this half term is ‘Happy Birthday Maisy’ so we have been very focused on finding out about birthdays and how we celebrate them. The children brought in pictures from home of them celebrating their birthdays and also any special presents that they had received. We set up a special interest table that generated lots of talk from the children all about birthdays and parties and helped them to remember special occasions that they celebrated with their families. 

50 Things To Do Before You Are 5 Open Day

We launched our 50 Things To Do Before You Are 5 programme within our Nursery and Reception Classes. Parents and children were given the chance to complete a few of the 50 activities during the open day. The activities on offer were giant bubble making, planting a seed, squish and squash in the sand and making music. If you did not get the chance to attend the open day the concept is ongoing and by downloading the 50 Things To Do Before You Are 5 app you are able to join in. The activities are indoor and outdoor and are designed to fit into family life, they enable opportunities to share experiences together. 

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