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Rhyme of the Week - 5 Little Fireworks

This week our rhyme of the week links in with our learning about Bonfire Night and is called 5 little fireworks. If you have any objects you can use at home for the fireworks then have fun counting and working out the number of fireworks each time you sing a verse of the song. Happy singing 😃


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H-A-P-P-Y - Rhyme of the Week

This weeks rhyme is H-A-P-P-Y to the tune of BINGO. We really enjoyed singing this at Nursery and hope you will enjoy singing it at home too. Try to help your child clap the correct amount of times in place of the different letters. Have fun everybody!


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Rhyme of the Week - Feelings

This week the rhyme of the week is feelings sung to the tune twinkle twinkle little star. We are carrying on linking our songs to our book of the half term so this links in with our text Ruby’s Worry. Sing the song at home and encourage your child to talk about the different feelings in the song and when they might feel like that.


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The Feelings Song

This weeks rhyme of the week is the feelings song. We have sung it through a few times at Nursery so please continue to sing at home with your child. We have also been talking about our own feelings and what makes us feel the way we do. The children have discussed feeling happy and sad and we are beginning to talk about times we feel worried. This links in with our book this half term - Ruby’s Worry.


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If You’re Happy and You Know It


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This week Nursery started learning their rhyme of the week. This weeks rhyme is ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. Here is a video of Mrs Harrison singing the song. Listen along with your children at home and help them to join in with the actions and the words. Have fun singing together!

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