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World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we read the book ‘Shh! We Have a Plan’ by Chris Haughton. We listened carefully to the story and talked about how the story is all about 4 friends trying to catch a colourful bird. Each time the bird managed to fly away until finally the story changed and the birds chased the friends away. The Nursery children then made their own colourful birds. Some of them used the workshop resources to create their own collage of the bird. Others used different coloured pens to create their own drawing of the birds. We all had a great day and really enjoyed the story. 


Rhyme Time Challenge

We are in week 2 of our Rhyme Time Challenge. During week 1 we learnt the “5 Little Speckled Frogs” song and both children and parents attending enjoyed learning the actions. This week was more of a challenge as the song was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Library” so we all had to work together to learn the words and create our own actions! 


Shop Visit

The Nursery children visited shops in the local area. We were focused on finding the fruit featured in the story Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. The children used their noticing muscles to find the correct fruit. We took our shopping to the checkout and the children helped. Hooragh we found all the fruits we needed for our tasting activity. 


Santa Land 🎄🎅🏼

Today Nursery visited Woodbank Garden Centre on our Christmas trip. We had great fun looking at all the Christmas trees and decorations and the children talked about all the things that they noticed. After that we went to Santa Land and saw all the elves busy making toys and even some polar bears and penguins! We were very lucky to actually meet Father Christmas and all the children were very excited when he delivered presents for them down his chimney! Finally we all enjoyed a snack together in the cafe before our journey back to school. We had a very busy day!


Library Visit 📚 

Nursery went on a visit to Manningham library with our mummies and daddies. We looked around the library and shared books together with out parents. We also took part in a craft activity where we created a picture of a penguin using colours and cotton wool. Some of us joined the library so we can borrow books whenever we want! We finished off our visit by sharing a story together about a penguin who got lost and went on an adventure. 


Dream Believe Achieve Day 


The Nursery children were very excited to have visits from a Vet, a Nurse and a Dentist. The children enjoyed pretending to be patients with the Nurse and were able to experience being bandaged. All the children were allowed to explore medical instruments which the Nurse uses on a daily basis such as a digital thermometer, blood pressure machine and a heart monitor. 


During the visit from the Vet the children explored a model of a dog’s jaw and watched our class toy dog have its leg bandages. The Dentist showed the children a model of healthy and unhealthy teeth and the children had a go at estimating how many teeth they have in their mouths.   During our carpet time we talked about what the children might want to be when they are older. We also had children who had come to Nursery dressed as their chosen career - we had a chef, a lawyer, firefighter’s and a doctor. 



Firefighter Visit 👩‍🚒

Last week we had a visit from some firefighters who came to the playground to talk to us about their job and what they do. They showed us their fire engine and the hoses and we all had a go at spraying water across the playground. It was lots of fun and we got the playground very wet! Before they left they set off the lights and the sirens on the fire engine, it was very noisy!


Jam the Dinosaur 🦖 

Jam the Dinosaur came to visit us in school with his friend Joe. We were all very brave and went to see him in the hall. We watched him move around and learnt lots of interesting facts about him from his friend. When we were back in Nursery, the children were really excited to draw pictures of Jam and make their own Handosaurus.


What’s in the Library?

We visited the school library this week and when we got there something very strange had appeared! There was an enormous nest with 3 huge eggs inside! The Nursery children looked at it carefully and used their noticing muscle to talk about what they could see. They decided the nest belonged to a dinosaur and that it had also left some smaller eggs that we needed to look after. We took an egg back to Nursery and placed it in water to keep it safe. The next day the children noticed strange things had to started to happen, the eggs were starting to crack! We can’t wait to see what comes out of them.


Bonfire Party 🔥

Nursery celebrated Bonfire Night with Reception by holding a huge Bonfire Party! We had our own bonfire where we burnt the Guy Fawkes we had helped to make earlier in the week. Then we toasted marshmallows over the fire and all got to try them. After that our families came to join us and we watched a spectacular firework display and enjoyed roast potatoes and Parkin together. We had a fantastic day! 


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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears - Our Movie!

All the children in Nursery have done so well at learning the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears that we decided to make our own movie! We visited the Hub and acted out the story in our green screen area. The children all really enjoyed it and were stars at remembering and joining in with the repeated language from the story! We hope you enjoy it too!

Goldilocks and the three bears AM.mp4

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Goldilocks and the three bears PM.mp4

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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears 🐻 

This half term Nursery have been learning about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We have enjoyed retelling the story using the small world resources, we have counted and sorted the Bears in the maths area, we have investigated big, medium and small size objects from the story, we made bear paw prints in the paint, used forks to make bear faces in the paint and enjoyed bear shaped toast! The children have really enjoyed this story and have become experts at retelling it. 

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