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Power Of Reading Displays


Around school we have some fantastic Power Of Reading displays.  We use these to showcase children's work and to get everyone thinking about the book they are reading.  Mr Harrison loves these two examples that he found in King-Smith - the writing outcomes are fabulous.


Nursery Power Of Reading Challenge


I absolutely love being visited by pupils on our Power Of Reading challenge books, but I admit that my favourite time is when I am visited by pupils from Nursery.  It's the enthusiastic way they love to talk about books and the desire they have to get a new one.  Fabulous!


Reading Buddies


It has been lovely to watch the interactions between our Year Five children and their reading buddies in Nursery.  Our older children are really enjoying sharing their love of books and reading with our youngest learners in school.


When our children visit Mr Harrison to change their Power Of Reading Challenge books, it gives us the perfect chance to talk about books and the choices they make.  Recently, Mr Harrison has been so impressed at the level of sophistication in these discussions. Our Year 5 learners show here talked with complete confidence about the books they read, shared parts they enjoyed the most and were able to compare stories to books they has read before.  It's wonderful to hear.


The Power Of Reading doesn't just help pupils to read, it inspires them to become wonderful writers.  This fabulous young lady in Year 4 has made so many improvements this year and Mr Harrison has been blown away by how well she is doing.  As well as this, she is one of our kindest and most caring individuals in school and deserved her special golden house point token.


It really is the best start to a day for Mr Harrison when he is visited by another set of readers ready to change their books on the Power Of Reading Challenge.  The discussions around books are improving and pupils are really starting to generate clear opinions around the books they choose and why they like, or dislike, them.  


Mr Harrison was visited today by a young man in Year 4 who wanted to share his writing.  It was stunning! Check it out below:

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