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Autumn 1- Counting to 5

Still image for this video
This half term we are consolidating counting to 5. Counting to 5 has lots of counting principles such as:

Counting in a sequence from 1 to 5- saying each number in the correct order
Counting 1 to 1 correspondence- being able to count the objects 1 by 1
Cardinality- understanding and saying the number of items they have without having to count them again
Matching the numeral to the correct quantity
Abstraction- being able to count without looking or touching- listening to 5 claps / listening to 5 items being dropped into a pan
Partitioning and Combining numbers to make 5
Using a 5 frame to make different representations to 5
1 more than / 1 less than

Please watch and enjoy the video and practise the key mathematical principles of counting with your child.
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