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Social Development

Miriam Lord serves a community that is becoming increasingly diverse, with a number of pupils and families joining us from many different places around the world.  We are proud that our children demonstrate they are able to interact positively with all members of our school community and show high levels of acceptance to each other, regardless of gender, ethnicity or community background.

At Miriam Lord we are proud of continuing efforts to to develop outdoor learning and an understanding of sustainability.  By encouraging pupils to learn in our outdoor space, The Den, we are developing their social skills within a different environment and context.  At school we see this as an important part of preparing pupils for life in modern Britain.


We are proud of 'House Point' system at Miriam Lord and the contribution it makes towards develop a community based approach to learning.  During our Celebration Assemblies, pupils delight in the success of other pupils from their respective house and recognise that everyone can contribute to that success.  Our selected House Captains act as role models for the school and make a highly valuable contribution to the school community.

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