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Split Pin Puppets


This half term we have learnt all about toys. As part of this we explored how split pin puppets work. We then practised the skills of cutting and pinning when we used a pre-made template of a split pin animal puppet. We then moved on to designing our own, testing our ideas using a prototype before finally creating and evaluating our own split pin puppets. We linked our puppet making to our text in English 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon' by creating a friend for our favourite dragon.

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Stick Man at The Den


In Year 2 we listened to the story of Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. In the story people confused poor Stick Man with an actual stick, which he he was not very happy about. We went over to The Den and with the help of Stick Man we learned how to tell the difference between a stick and a Stick Man. We then carried out a range of different activities linking to the story such as making wands out of sticks, making nests for birds using sticks and using sticks for poles in sand castles. We really flexed our noticing and collaboration learning muscles while we were over there and had a lovely morning.

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