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Year 4

Have a great summer Fine Class!

13.7.20 Wilson class learning

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Hello Wilson class and welcome to the final week of year 4. What a strange year it has been. I have thoroughly enjoyed being your teacher this year and am sad that our time together was cut short by the lockdown but I have loved receiving your emails, making you weekly videos and continuing to read our class story so thank you for all your hard work and loveliness! This week, as it’s the last week of term and we have definitely filled our marble jar, I’ve included some maths games and a lovely reading activity for English which I hope you will enjoy! Listen to the video to find out more, then follow the links below for all the learning material. Remember to email me at


Today I want you to read the audio story based on a Russian traditional tale called 'Firebird'. We will be reading Chapter 1 of this exciting tale and answering some questions. No printer needed for this as you have the option to type the answers into the sheet or jot down ideas on a piece of paper. I’d like you to continue reading and finishing the story independently over the summer holidays.

Follow the audio story here:

Click to download and continue reading the e-book over the summer holidays here:

English Task 1: Complete the reading comprehension questions then check your answers using the answer sheet.

English Task 2: Write an email in character as Vasily. Use the activity sheet to help you do this. I’d love to see your emails from Vasily so please email them to me at

Maths Task 3: Depending on how confident you feel, choose either a 1, 2 or 3 star activity sheet on comparing and ordering decimals.

Mindfulness Task: Try these mindfulness mazes!

Maths game 1: Try the emoji code breaker just for fun!

Maths game 2: Can you solve the mystery of the melting ice cream?

Art: Learn to draw characters from a Fairy Tale.

PE: Try doing a live workout with Joe Wicks any day this week at 9am – remember to set your alarm!

13.07.20- Fine Class

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Literacy Challenge-

Write a short message for the class or a particular friend.
Write it in large writing and take a picture of you holding it (the writing must be clear).
I will post your pictures on the website for all your friends to see.
I will hopefully see you all in September in Horowitz class :)

Numeracy Challenge

Maths Challenge Answers

Hello Wilson Class and happy Friday!

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This is the last Friday video of the year so I've recorded the story in two parts: make sure you watch them in the right order! ;-) This is part 1.

My Dad's a Birdman (part 2)

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My final video will be on Monday and then we will be breaking up for the holidays. I'm sorry if I did not get to speak to you on the phone this week but I will make sure I come and visit you in Pullman Class to say hello in September. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Mrs Hudson x

Hello Fine Class (6.7.20)

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Fine Class Challenges 6.7.20

Wilson class have been working hard at home this week learning about suffixes, poetry and making links with fractions and decimals. Well done Wilson and keep up the fantastic work!

Some more of Wilson's fantastic work!

Monday 6th July

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Hello Wilson class and welcome to the 6th week of our final term in year 4!
I hope you all had a good weekend, are staying fit and well and enjoying your home learning. Please watch the video which explains your work for the week and then email me with your uploaded task work at


This week I want you to revise standard English verbs.  Complete the worksheets and email me your work to show me how you got on.

Task 1:

Task 2:

Task 3: Make links to the SPAG work to write a letter using standard English to your new teacher next year telling them all about yourself.  Your reports have gone out today telling you who your new teacher is so make sure you spell their name correctly and try to include the following information:

  • Your name, age and when your birthday is
  • What you like and what you dislike
  • Where is your family from and what languages are spoken at home?
  • Who you live with
  • Hobbies and interests
  • What do you want to be when you get older?
  • What you’re good at
  • What you find difficult
  • Who you work well with and what helps you to learn
  • What have you learned in year 4?
  • What’s been your greatest achievement or highlight of the year?
  • How have you been managing at home during the lockdown?

Here is a writing frame to help you if you struggle.  Remember to begin with an introduction, use conjunctions to extend your sentences, organise your letter in paragraphs for each topic and finish with a friendly signoff that will make a good first impression!


Dear New Teacher

Paragraph 1: My name is…………………… and I would like to tell you all about myself and what helps me to learn.  Firstly, I am …….. years old and my birthday is on……….. .     Did you know that I live with…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………? (talk about them)  My favourite hobby is……………………………………………………………………………. . (talk about it, why you enjoy it, who you do it with and where)    When I am older I want to be……………………… because…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… .

Paragraph 2: At school I struggle with………………………………………………………………………………………………… but…………………………………………………………………………………………really helps me to learn.  I am really good at…………………………………………………………………………………………..and in year 4 my greatest achievement was………………………………………………………………………………………………… .  The best thing about being in year 4 was…………………………… but I did not enjoy………………….. because………………….. .

Paragraph 3: It’s been tricky during lockdown because………………………………..but……………………………… .

I’m really looking forward to year 5 because……………………………………………………………………………….. . I hope you have a good summer and look forward to being in your class in September.

Signoff: Kind Regards,




Maths: Write Decimals


Watch the video here:



Task 1: Complete the part whole models




Task 2:

Now complete the worksheet (choose the level that is right for you).  Once you’ve done it, check your answers and then email me if you struggle or don’t understand at

Task 3:

Once you feel confident, have a go at this second worksheet to test your fluency.  Once you’ve done it email me your work at



Task 1: Choose a different STEM activity from last week from this list.


Task 2: Mindfulness activity


Task 3: PE - try Andy’s wild workout

Happy Friday Fine Class (03.07.20)

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This weeks work from Fine Class

Happy Friday Wilson Class!

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Thank you to everyone who has emailed me this week and sent me their work. I will upload some of the examples after this video. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the next par of My Dad's a Birdman!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Love, Mrs Hudson

Fine Class-Literacy Challenge

Fine Class- Analogue to Digital - 12 Hours Challenges

Monday 29th June

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Hello Wilson class and welcome to the 5th week of our final term in year 4!
I hope you all had a good weekend, are staying fit and well and enjoying your home learning. Please watch this week's video which explains your tasks for the week, then work your way through the activities and email me your work at

English Task 1: In English this week I want you to complete the suffix worksheet for your first task. A suffix is the bit that goes on the end of a word to change the meaning. E.g. the root word ‘help’ can be changed by adding the suffix ‘less’ so it becomes ‘helpless’. Have a go at the worksheet and then upload it and email it to me please so I know how you’ve got on and can help with any problems.

English Task 2: I want you to revise using apostrophes for contractions. Remember that a contraction is a shorter way of writing another word or phrase such as the word cannot which can be shortened to can’t and the phrase will not can be shortened to won’t. The apostrophe is used for omission which means it is placed where the missing letters would be. Have a go at the worksheet and then upload and email it to me.

English Task 3: For your third English task I want you to try using apostrophes for plural possession. Plural means more than one and possession means belonging to. When apostrophes are used for plural possession they are added onto the end of the word. For example: The hamsters’ cage needed cleaning. Using the apostrophe after the S tells me that there was more than one hamster in the cage so this is plural possession. If the apostrophe was before the S (The hamster’s cage needed cleaning) the reader knows there is only one hamster so this is not plural possession. Try the worksheet below.

English Task 4: Open the PowerPoint to find out about another type of poetry called a Cinquain Poem and then try and write your own Cinquain Poem. For your extra challenge try and include an apostrophe for plural possession and include a word with a suffix ending either: You will find the PowerPoint presentation with the maths challenges - just keep scrolling down! ;-)

Now follow the PowerPoint on how to recognise 10ths and 100ths as decimals and then choose your worksheets.  You can check your answers once you’ve finished and then email me to let me know how you’ve got on. 

Extra Challenge: What fraction of the bar model is shaded?  Can you write this as a decimal?  Explain how you know using PEE.

P: make the point by telling me the answer

E: explain your answer

E: give an example

Enrichment Task 1: Choose one of the STEM activities from the list.

Enrichment Task 2: Make someone’s day with a thoughtful phone call to ask how they are doing.

Fine Class's work this week.

Answers for this weeks Maths Challenge- Fine Class

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Mindfulness Activity

Yay it's Friday!

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Well yesterday I cycled to a quiet spot in the countryside, went swimming in the river, had a BBQ, did Yoga at sunset on top of a mountain and camped in our Campervan. What have you been doing this week to stay cool in the heat? Email me with what you've been up to at

Watch the video to enjoy the next two chapters of My Dad's a Birdman.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe everyone!

Mrs Hudson x

Well done to everyone in Wilson class who has sent me their work this week. Here is a snapshot of what we've been up to whilst studying at home.

Monday 22nd June - weekly tasks for Wilson Class.

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Hello Wilson class and welcome to the fourth week of our final term in year 4!
I hope you all had a good weekend, are staying fit and well and enjoying your home learning. Please watch this week's video which explains your learning for the week. Then work through each task and email me your work to
Love Mrs Hudson x


This week I want you to explore rhyming poetry.  There are lots of different types of poems that rhyme.





Task 1:  Can you collaborate with someone at home or a friend on the phone or via Zoom or Facetime to work out what the next two lines of the following quatrain poem might be?  Please email me your ideas to so that I can share them and also reveal the answer on Friday!

Here is Inaya's idea!

English Task 2 (use this f you've forgotten your Education City login and can't use the link)

English Task 3 (use this f you've forgotten your Education City login and can't use the link)

Task 4: Have a go at writing your own rhyming poem.  It can be in any of the three different types we’ve explored – a quatrain, a couplet poem or a 5 Ws poem but your challenge is to make sure it rhymes. You can write your poem about anything you like – sports, a painting, a person you admire, your favourite hobby, food, favourite subject at school, something topical that’s in the news at the moment – anything!  Please email me your poems to so I can share them on the website, it would be great if you could draw a picture too!


Extra task:  for those of you who are whizzing through all your work and need even more ideas to keep you busy, think about the back story to Hay Day.  What happened before the kitten left his family and climbed onto the lorry?  Can you write the story which explains what happened to make him stray?

Science:  I’d like you to get out and about on a nature walk and try and do a flower survey.  This doesn’t have to be written, you could just take photographs.  I’ve uploaded a PowerPoint which also gives you quite a lot of information about flowers and plants which you’ll explore in more detail when you study plant reproduction in year 5.  For now, just enjoy using your noticing muscles to look at different flowers and follow the task instructions on the PowerPoint - I can’t wait to see what you find!


Science Flower Survey

Mindfulness Task:

Relax and unwind and clear your mind of clutter with some mindful colouring.  Use different circles to draw around and overlap and then colour in the gaps – try it – it’s very relaxing and it will result in some wonderful abstract art.

Monday 22.06.20 This weeks challenges for Fine Class.

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Once you have completed your work send them into

Literacy Challenge

Numeracy Challenge - Year,Months, Weeks and Days.

Happy Friday 19.06.20

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Diary Writing-Have a read of what Fine Class have been up to this week.

Happy Friday 19th June!

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Chapter 9. Apologies for the mistake at the beginning when I was reading the wrong chapter! :-D

Friday video part 2

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Chapter 10

Some more wonderful work by Nida in Wilson class this week.

Here is some more of the fabulous work that's been done in Wilson class last week. I just love Ayaan's story and his fantastic use of fronted adverbials. This work shows how brilliantly he has been able to infer what The Jabberwocky poem is all about.

We've been using bar models to work out fractions of amounts in Wilson class and we've been stretching our reasoning muscles to explain our answers.

Hello Fine Class 15.06.20

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Literacy Challenge-Diary writing


Keep a diary this week and send it into me at

Math Challenge Hour,minutes and seconds - Varied Fluency and Reasoning and Problem solving

Hello Monday 15th June!

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Hello Wilson class and welcome to the third week of our final term in year 4!
I hope you all had a good weekend, are staying fit and well and enjoying your home learning.
Please watch my video so you can find out what to do this week and then work your way through each task. If you have any problems please email me at
Love Mrs Hudson x


This week I’d like you to have a go at writing your own poem in the style of Michael Rosen.  You will need to remember the 4 golden rules for punctuating speech:

  1. Enclose the speech using speech marks by using them at the beginning and end of what the person is saying
  2. You must use punctuation before each speech mark
  3. You must start the speech with a capital letter
  4. New speaker, new line



Dad said, I’ve got too much work to do.

Mum said, You’ve got too much work to do, you should see how much work I have to do!

Dad said, I have to fix the shed, wash the car, cook the dinner and home-school Charlie.

Mum said, I have to do the washing, clean the house, do the ironing and home-school Nina.


Task 1: Practise punctuating speech by completing the worksheet then check your answers using the answer sheet.

Task 2: Open the PowerPoint presentation and follow the instructions.

Task 3: Revise and edit your poem.

Task 4: Write up your poem, photograph it or type it and email it to me. Think carefully about the presentation of your poem when writing it up. Remember your cursive handwriting and you could also do a decorative border or an illustration to give it the wow factor!


I want you to continue with your fabulous fraction work from last week but this week we’re moving on to problem solving with fractions. 

BBC bitesize has some great tips for solving maths problems and explains three different ways that can help you solve fraction problems.  I want you to look at the 3 examples so you can explore each method and then give each one a try before emailing me to tell me which method you liked best and why.


Method 1 uses RUCSAC.  This is an acronym for the steps you need to take to help you solve problems (look at the image below)


Method 1 - RUCSAC

Method 2 uses diagrams 


Method 3 uses bar models 


Click on the link to explore each method and follow the steps in each example:  

Now you've worked through the examples, I want you to have a go!  Try and complete the following 2 maths tasks. 


The first task is a bit of practice and you can check your answers afterwards using the answer sheet to make sure you’re on track.  If you find you’ve made lots of mistakes when checking your answers, please don’t move onto the second task but email me so that I can help you before moving on.


The second taks give you 10 word problems.  You will need to use RUCSAC to help you solve these.  Remember, you don’t need to rush this work as you have all week so maybe just try to do two each day.  I will then share the answers with you for these problems on Friday!

Enrichment Task 1:  Famous Poems by Black Poets

You may have seen in the news that there are lots of protests going on at the moment following the death of a black man in America. This has led to many people campaigning for the black and ethnic minority voice to be heard which is an important part of our own British Values.  And because we are studying poetry in English at the moment, I thought you might enjoy listening to some poetry by Black Poets. I’d then like you to email me telling me which poem is your favourite and why?

Enrichment Task 2:  PE

Choose your favourite workout to do at home. Try and do one every day if you can!

Enrichment Task 3: For art, I want you to design a poster campaiging for equal rights for black and ethnic minority people. Please photograph and email me your designs for the Miriam Lord website at

This week,Fine class stepped into the shoes of a dragon slayer and wrote a diary entry after an exiting adventure! Here is some the children's work.

Ziyaad managed to work out last weeks tricky Math challenge where the clock faces had been mirrored. He worked out the correct time for each clock! A super Well Done!

The Nawaz family invited some hungry tigers to tea. Let's hope they eat all the food in the house!

12.6.20 Happy Friday Wilson Class!

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It was lovely to speak with most of you this week when I called on Wednesday. Thank you also to everyone who's been emailing me their work - it's been fantastic to see! I hope you enjoy my Friday video featuring the next chapter of My Dad's a Birdman. After the video, have a look at some of the brilliant work that's been sent in. If anyone else would like to email me theirs over the weekend - it's not too late ;-)
Love Mrs Hudson x

Nida's brilliant picture of what she imagines the Jabberwocky to look like.

Here is Inaya's brilliant interpretation of the Jabberwocky. I love how different it is from Nida's which shows how we can all interpret a poem so differently.

Some of you have been doing some fabulous maths this week. When I spoke to some of you on the phone, it seems that most of you preferred the second method which is what Nida has used to solve the lunchbox problem. However, I love how Inaya has used diagrams to work out fractions of amounts. This just shows that there is no right or wrong method - just choose the one that works for you. Have fun! :-) Love, Mrs Hudson x

8.06.20 This weeks challenges for Fine Class

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Watch the video and makes short notes about what you can include in your diary.

Use the diary hints to help you with your writing.

Send your diary to

Wania's Story

Monday - Summer Term Week 2

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Hello Wilson class and welcome to the second week of our final term in year 4!
I hope you all had a good weekend, are staying fit and well and enjoying your home learning.
It was lovely to be able to speak to some of you last Wednesday when I called. Hopefully I will be able to speak to everyone this Wednesday when I phone you all again.
Please watch the video and then work your way through the tasks for the week and email me with any questions. Please also remember to email me your work at


In the next few weeks we will be doing some more learning about poetry. This week I want you to start to think about different types of poetry and poets.  We looked at The Jabberwocky poem last week and now I want you to explore other types of poetry.

Task 1: Open the PowerPoint below and follow the instructions.

English Task 2: Read The Jabberwocky poem again and draw what you imagine The Jabberwocky looks like.


I want you to continue with your fabulous fraction work from last week but this week we’re moving on by finding a fraction of an amount.


Remember a fraction tells you how many parts of a whole there are.  The top number is the numerator and the bottom number is the denominator.  The denominator tells us how many parts make up the whole.  The numerator tells us how many parts we have. 

When we find a fraction of an amount, we are working out how much that 'part' is worth within the whole.

You can see fractions of amounts all around us:

  • Shops have sales that say, “¹/ price! or “¹/ free!
  • You might use fractions when baking, for example, “add half a teaspoon of salt” or “use a ¹/ of a kilogram of flour.


This week I want you to look at 3 different methods for finding a fraction of an amount.  I would then like you to email me to tell me at which method you prefer and why so we can then share and discuss your opinions when I post my next video on Friday.


  • Method 1 uses images to group.  Follow the steps shown in the image below and then try to use this method to solve task 1.
  • Method 2 uses division and multiplication.  Again, follow the steps before using this method for task 2.
  • Method 3 is the bar model method and you all know how much I love bar models! Try and use this method for task 3.

Maths Task 1

Maths Task 2

Maths Task 3

Maths Task 4: Use your preferred method to solve the problem then email me your work, telling me which method you chose and why.

Maths Extra challenge:


  1. Start a nature diary

Look out of the window each day and keep note of what you see.  Birds, flowers, changes in the weather, what else?


You could also open the window and record any smells, tastes, sounds and what you can feel too. 


  1. Music – write a song or rap about lockdown


  1. PE – Watch Joe Wicks 5 minute workout, give it a go and then try and make up your own routine.  Can anyone film you at home doing your routine?  Perhaps you could email me your video so we can all have a go - I promise I will do it too! J


Friday- Mindfulness Activity (Fine Class)

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Just One Breath- Breathing Activity

Find a relaxing place,sit comfortably.
Breath deeply in and out while paying attention to any sensations you notice or sounds you can hear.
Take another slow deep breath,imagine the air ,moving down deep breath,imagine the air moving down into the lungs and back up.
Take one more deep breath and hold for a moment,then release it.

Send your picture and what you noticed to I will look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Friday Wilson class!

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It's been lovely to be able to chat with some of you on the phone this week. I will be phoning every Wednesday to try and keep in touch with you all and to see how you all are so if you were one of the sleepyheads who missed me becuase you were still in bed when I called this week, don't worry, I will be calling again :-)

Some of you have shared some fantastric work with me this week: a brilliant story written by Amirah with a fantastic setting description and Sami's Jabberwocky comprehension blew my socks off! If you didn't manage to do these tasks you can still have a go today. I will be uploading new work for you to do next week on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love from Mrs Hudson x

Here is some more brilliant work by Wilson class. I love the extra research that Aayan has done to find out more about Lewis Carroll. My favourite children's book of all time is one of the books that Aayan listed - I WONDER if you can guess which one! :-)

Wilson class have been busy with their home-learning this week. This brilliant story was written by Amirah. I think you'll all agree it has a super setting description that paints a really clear picture for the reader!

Here is another example of the fantastic work that has been done at home by Wilson class this week. This work has been completed by Sami. I wonder if everyone wrote similar answers for The Jabberwocky reading comprehension. It was so interesting to learn that this powerful learner thought that the nonsense word 'brillig' sounded snowy or wet, when to me it sounds bright and sunny. This is one of the reasons why I love poetry so much; because it can be interpreted in so many different ways. As long as there is reasoning behind your thoughts and ideas, which Sami has shown brilliantly by using evidence from the text to support his answers, there can be lots of different ways to answer the question correctly 🙂

Hello and happy new summer term!

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Hello Wilson class! Happy Monday!

Each Monday, I will upload new task work for you to do at home for the whole week. You can email your work to me at and then every Friday I will post a new video on the year 4 page of our website sharing the work that you’ve done.

Enjoy this video and then try to work your way through the learning tasks.

Love from Mrs Hudson x

This term in Wilson class we are going to begin a unit on poetry.  There are many different types of poetry.  We have already explored ‘Found Poetry’ in The Den when we were reading The Bluest of Blues and ‘Shared Poetry’ in class when we were reading The Robot and The Bluebird.  You all had a good go at writing Love Hate poems for Mr Harrison earlier this year and we have also studied a rhyming poem about Italian Food in guided reading during our class topic on Italy last term.  There are still many more types of poetry to explore and we wanted to start you off this term with a very famous ‘Nonsense Poem’.


Before hearing the poem being performed, have a little think why you think it might be called a nonsense poem?  


Task 2: Listen to the poem being performed again but this time try and follow the text at the same time.

Task 3: Jabberwocky Reading Comprehension

Try and complete the reading comprehension questions.  Remember to scan the text and use your trapping fingers to retrieve evidence from the text but you will also need to use your imagining and reasoning muscles to infer what the nonsense words mean!  You can copy the questions and write the answers out and then photograph your work and email it to me at or if you’re lucky enough to have a printer at home, you can use the template and then upload it and email it to me.

The Jabberwocky reading comprehension

Extra Challenge:

What noise did it make? Make up your own nonsense words to describe the noise it made.  You could make these words up using Portmanteau this is when a word is made up by combining two or more other words for example:

  • Motel is a portmanteau combining the words motor and hotel
  • Smog is a portmanteau combining the words smoke and fog
  • Ginormous is a portmanteau combining the words gigantic and enormous


Extra extra challenge:

What could ‘frabjous’ mean in verse 6? Think of at least four meanings that would make sense in the sentence then try and invent your own nonsense adjectives to replace it!


Task 4

Can you do any independent research about the poet Lewis Carroll and complete a little profile about the author? What other poems or books has he written?  Which is he most famous for?  When was he born?  Where was he born? etc.


Maths:  Adding Fractions


You’ve already learnt to add fractions in Wilson Class so here is a chance to recap and revise what you’ve learnt in school earlier this year.


Task 1

Watch the video on the BBC bitesize website by following this link:

Task 2

Complete the online interactive ‘Activity 1’





Task 3: Have a go at these questions!

Year 4 – Enrichment


This week I want you to think very hard about your 5 senses and become mindful about what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. 


Activity 1:


I want you to choose one day this week and spend time outside either in your garden or in a public open green space or park (as long as you keep 2m away from other people) and write down 1 thing for each of your senses (5 in total).


Please email me the things you sensed so we can use it to inspire our poetry.



Fun Weekend Activity:


Have a go at this scavenger hunt and try and collaborate with a family member to find all the things! Email Mrs Hudson at to let me know what you found and how you collaborated.


Competition Time!

JK Rowling is releasing a new book and if you logon to the Ickabog website she is releasing 1 or 2 chapters each day and then inviting children to create illustrations for it!  It’s time to dust of those art pencils and get drawing Wilson class!  Don’t forget to email me your illustrations at

Hello from Mrs Butt

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Numeracy Challenge 1

How to tell the time!

Watch the videos and play the online quiz.

Time Challenge 2

1)Work out the answer with a small explanation of how your worked the challenge out.


2)Draw your own reflected clock faces and challenge your family and send them into me using the year 4 email address.

Writing Task-

1)Answer the questions in your blue text books.


2)Plan your story make sure it has:

A beginning -Introduce the main characters and describe the setting. What would be your first sentence?

Build up -What things happen? What clues are there?What us said? How do we build up the exitement?

The Problem- Things might go wrong!Is there a mystery,or do terrible things happen?

Resolution-How are things going to be sorted out?Problems must be solved. Think about every step.

The Ending-Does the story end with everyone happy?What have people learned?Have characters changed?


3)Edit your work by reading through it aloud and make changes to spellings, punctuation and grammar.


4)Record yourself reading your story aloud or take a photo of your writing and send it to me at-

Ayaan collaborating at home to bake delicious fairy buns and biscuits with his brother and Mum.

Ziyaad's poster showing his support for the NHS.


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Hello Year 4!
This week is 'Mental Health Awareness Week' and the theme is kindness. I hope you enjoy listening to me read one of my favourite stories about an act of kindness. Try and think about how you can show kindness at home this week.
Mrs Hudson x

Mental Health Awareness Week-Kindness

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Hello Year 4,
Please show some extra kindness this week especially through these difficult times.
Here are some examples of what you could do :
-Compliment someone
-Give a smiley picture to someone
-Share toys with your siblings
-Make a card for someone
-Phone a friend or a family member just to say hi
-Do an extra chore
-Bake a cake for someone
-Help clean up at home
-Make a bird feeder
--Ask others to continue acts of kindness
I would love to hear about your acts of kindness so please email me at

Hello Year 4 !

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This weeks challenge is to create a poster celebrating the NHS and raising awareness of how to stay safe during this time.
Please send in your poster to .
I will look forward to see the posters you create.

Here are some examples ...

Collaborating at home with family

I love playing Monopoly with my family, I'm always the banker.

I have been collaborating with my parents to make food.

I’ve been baking cookies and cakes with mum. I’ve helped make chocolate cracknels with my dad. I have sent some photos and a video showing me weighing the ingredients, it was my favourite part of cooking.

Collaborating with my mum to complete my home learning pack.

Collaborating with my mum and sister to complete my homework. I have been having lots of fun playing games with my older sister.

Hello year 4 and welcome to week 6 of home learning!

Still image for this video

Have a look at these posters and think about how we are all using our collaborating muscles to beat the coronavirus. Try and compare them to the WW2 posters in the slideshow below and think about the questions. Perhaps you can then have a go at designing your own poster that will encourage people to collaborate in order to help beat covid-19.

Have a look at these WW2 posters and think about what's similar and what's different to the messages we see and hear today. Collaborate with someone at home to have a discussion about the questions I've put with each image. Have fun!

Purple Mash-Homework


Fine Class have been busy at home learning all about the Romans. They have researched all about Boudica,created wanted posters and got into role to write a speech. Here are some of the fantastic examples of home learning.

Hello Year 4- Collaborating Task

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The email address to sent your collaboration pictures and photos to
I will look forward to hearing for you all.
I will create a blog post with the photos and pictures you send.
Stay Safe
Mrs Butt

Hello year 4 welcome to week 5 of home learning!

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Enjoy my video - sorry for the gurgling noise of the dishwasher in the background! Please then follow the links I've posted.

Hello Year 4!

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Here is the link I mentioned in the video!

Stay Safe and I'll hopefully see you soon !

Hello Wilson class!

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Just a little video to say hello and see how you all are. Love Mrs Hudson x

(13.03.20)    Science Day


The children used their questioning and making links to wonder why on Science day. We carried out a range of experiments. It was a fun day filled with lots of learning! 

Science Day- Ice Fishing with parents

Science day- Raisins and Lemonade

Science Day- Storm in a glass

Practising making busts using play dough


Year 4 used their making links and perseverance muscles to practise their skills to create a Roman bust. They practised pinching, creating hollow sockets of the eyes and used tool to mark and cut details. There was some fantastic outcomes!

Research- Why did the Romans invade England? 


Year 4 used their capitalising muscle to research about Why the Romans invaded England?. They collaborated in small groups to read, summarise and note down their research. They finished off my presenting it to the class.

14.02.20                                                                                 Buzz Games 


The children persevered to make buzz games this afternoon. They made links with what they have learnt about electricity and circuits and did a fantastic job! Well Done!

Christmas Craft Morning (18.12.19)


Thank you to all the parents that came to the Christmas Craft Morning.The children enjoyed making Christmas trees,cards, reefs and much more. 

D.T Cooking with Mr Green


The children used their making links and Perseverance muscle to cook a vegetable curry with Mr Green. The class collaborates with each other to plan and prepare vegetables for the dish. Then they cooked the curry on and open fire in The Den. The children persevered to try and light a fire using a striker. It was very tricky but great fun!

Water Safety   (26.11.19)


We had a visitor from our local swimming pool. He taught us about water safety and how not to drown. We used our Empathy and Listening muscle to really try and understand the main points that he was telling us. have a look at our photos. If you are in Year 4, can you remember what he was showing us in each picture?

7.11.19                                             The Digestive System


In Year 4 we used their Making links and Noticing muscles to create a representation of the digestive system. We used a plastic sealed bag of the stomach, a stocking for the small intestine and a cup for the large intestine and anus. It didn’t smell or look great but it did help us to understand the different parts of the digestive system.