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Year 4

Hedgehog Experiment  11.06.19

Year 4 worked with Mr Green to carry out a scientific experiment. The questions the children had to answer was ‘Why do hedgehogs hibernate in a nest? And ‘Is it better to be a big or small hedgehog in winter’? They used their Making Links muscles to make many different predictions and made sure it was a fair test. They took there hedgehogs (water bottles filled with warm water) to the den and made a nest for them. The children checked on the hedgehogs after half an hour and took their body temperature. The children learnt that the best covered hedgehog stayed the warmest. They also discovered that the larger the hedgehog the warmer its body temperature therefore baby hedgehogs need to eat lots of food during the autumn to become nice a big ready to hibernate.

Creation Stories 10.06.19

Year 4 used there noticing and reasoning muscles to compare different creation stories. Each group had a different story which the read and acted out. This was a really fun was of learning the different stories and it made it easier to compare and contrast between the stories. We looked at the Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Islamic and Christian creation story and the Big Bang theory.


Science: The human digestion process

Using our Asking Questions learning muscle, we thought about what happens in our bodies once we have eaten our school dinner. We learnt that if we ate at 12.30pm, that by 4.30pm the food would be leaving our stomachs for the small intestine. We learnt what happens all along the way. Have a look at our photos. We used bananas, crackers, orange juice and water to mimic the process. It was so much fun and a little bit gross too!

Drama: Acting out a scene from our class book 'Mama Miti'

We used our Imagining learning muscle to act out the meeting between two of the characters in the story. We worked in pairs and some of us even improvised by wearing a jumper wrapped on our heads to imitate the dress of the character Wangari.

A walk around our local community-Manningham

Year 4 went for a walk around the local community. We looked at some old buildings and discussed what they were used for and what they are being used as now. We looked at the different types of houses and shops in the area. We had a look at Lister Mill and discussed the impact it had on our community.

History : Archaeology in The Den


Mr Green was contacted by a team of archaeologists who had carried out an aerial survey of The Den as part of their work into the Romans in the local area. They had spotted a number of points of interest and had asked Mr Green and Year 4 to carry out an archaeological dig to investigate further. The children carefully scraped back each layer of sand so they did not damage anything. Each group found a small haul of Roman artefacts, including Roman poo!


The children investigated the poo further and found a number of things, including melon seeds and olive stones which gave us an idea of what a Roman's diet was like. 


The children also learnt how and why the Romans built roads when they invaded Britain. They then made their own cross section of a Roman road which showed the different layers the Romans used to build a strong and durable road.



History: Would you rather be a Celt or a Roman?


In Year 4 we are learning about the Roman's impact on England. We looked at various characters from the time when the Romans and Celts were living side-by-side in England. Thinking about just before the bloody war led by Boudicca, we used our Reasoning learning muscle to explain our thoughts about which side the characters would be on. We didn't all agree, but that's ok because history often has many perspectives!


                                                                               Pneumatic Moving Animals                                15.02.19


Year 4 children used their planning and making links muscles to create a pneumatic moving animal. They learnt all about air/water energy and how it can be used to make things move. They persevered and learnt how to work with a variety of materials. The outcomes where amazing :)


How David Attenborough has affected the world we live in today? (12.02.19)


Year 4 used there making links and reasoning muscles to research ‘How David Attenborough has affected the world we live in today?’ Each table learnt about different periods in Sir David’s life and presented them to the class.


Hot Seating- Dr X                            11.02.19


Today year 4 used their imagination muscles to think of some questions to ask Dr X. We looked at how different type of question (why, when, how, where and how) give us different answers. The children thought of some good open ended questions here are a few examples:


Why did you make the watches? (Halima and Fatimah)

Why you are always mean to your henchmen? (Aaqib and Zain)

What will you do once you take over the world? (safaa and Musa)

Why did you become a villain? (Alishba and Aliza)

Where would you live if you took over the world? (Ruqayyah and Ismail)

Drama: The Wild Robot   (06.02.19)

Year 4 has been reading The Wild Robot in class. Using their Making Links learning muscle, they have produced some drama clips in response to what they have read. Have a look at them and guess what the scenes could have been about.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Stop Start Animation (24.01.19)


Year 4 used their Making Links and Perseverance muscles today to create a stop start animation of the water cycle. Here are some of their videos:


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Iguana .wmv

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Ruwaida's group FINAL.wmv

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Samia Group FINAL.wmv

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Khuzam 2 FINAL.wmv

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Blue group FINAL.wmv

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Jazim Group FINAL.wmv

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Toheed's Group FINAL.wmv

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States of Matter in The Den with Mr Green (22.01.19)


Year 4 continued their work on States of Matter with Mr Green on Tuesday. They investigated changes of states and the difference between reversible and irreversible change. They began with a science experiment, where the children had to think of ways to melt the ice quickly as they could. Some stirred and crushed the ice. Some groups used the whiteboards and fans while others used the heat from the radiators.


We also looked at the changing of states of a candle and popcorn. To go with the popcorn Mr Green made us some hot chocolate. A perfect finish to a fun afternoon!


How long is a kilometre?      19.1.18


Today year 4 used their reasoning muscle and making links muscles to use a trundle wheel to measure how out a kilometre. We discovered that it took seven laps around the playground. Phew…..that was a lot of walking.


Sound Investigations at The Den


Year 4 spent the day at The Den with Mr Green investigating sound. First he challenged us to order ourselves by our date of birth without speaking. Next, we drew a sound map and thought about the pitch of the sounds we heard. Finally, we investigated how the length of string telephones affected how sound travelled through them.


Sound Science Day


To help us learn more about our new science topic, sound and musical instruments, we invited a science specialist into class for the day. We learnt all about sound and how to make a musical instrument from junk materials. We will be using our Capitalising learning muscle when we make our instruments to get ideas from a variety of different places. Have a look at how we spent our day!

Water Safety


We had a visitor from our local swimming pool. He taught us about water safety and how not to drown. We used our Empathy and Listening muscle to really try and understand the main points that he was telling us. have a look at our photos. If you are in Year 4, can you remember what he was showing us in each picture?

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Still image for this video
The children used there making links muscle to act out scene from the book. Hope you enjoy it :)


Parent Morning


Year 4 held a parents morning to see the work that we had been doing throughout the term. The children demonstrated how to use there catapults by firing them at their castles. We finished the morning by singing the song we had been learning this this term Mama Mia. Thank you for all the parents that attended it was a great turn out.


Attendance Treat


All of us who came to school every day for the half term attended an exiting birds of prey workshop. Where all the children were thrilled at the opportunity to hold and owl. 


PSHE - Identity

In our PSHE lesson on identity, we heard the story called 'The Araboolies of Liberty Street'. It is about a colourful family that moves on to a street and some neighbours are suspicious of them. We talked about how we can judge people without really knowing them. Using our Reasoning and Empathy and Listening Learning muscles, we told our classes about our own experiences too.


Design Technology - We made catapults!

As part of our Norman's history project, we made catapults using lolly sticks, rubber bands, milk bottle tops and plastic spoons. And they actually work really well! We used our Capitalising muscle to look at actual catapults, illustrations of Norman catapults and designs made by other children in different schools.

Radio broadcast: Listen to us reading our Skipton Castle persuasive leaflets

Leaflet-Zain U-05.10.18.mp3

Leaflet-Ruwaida I-05.10.18.mp3

PSHE: Secrets or surprises?

Today we used our Philosophy circle time to consider this very important question: 'Is it ok to keep secrets?' We also discussed the difference between secrets and surprises. We were very good at 'PEEing' when discussing our ideas.


Literacy: Role on the wall

We are reading the excellent 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' by the author Kate Dicamillo. We drew around ourselves and put bunny ears on top. Then, using our Imagining learning muscle, we thought about the character Edward and put words inside about how he felt and words outside which explained his appearance. Have a look at how we got on!

                                               The Den               2.10.18


Year went to the Den today to learn more about the Normans. The made links with that they already knew about hills and explored the idea of a motte and baily castle. They played a game of tig on the hill in the den to help them understand how difficult it is to run up a hill but how easy it was to defend from the top.


The children collaborated in small groups to build their own motte and baily castle using what they could in the den. Then they used saws to make bow and arrows to help them defend their motte and baily castles. It was defiantly a fun filled day full of learning.


Making Links in Science

How would you sort and categorise different items? We are learning about electricity, and to start our topic we sorted different power sources. It was up to us how we did it.  We had to make links to what we already knew. We were confused when we had an item which used both a battery, but mains electricity charged the battery. Where should it go? Have a look at what we came up with.


Using our Reasoning learning muscle in Maths

We were struggling with exchanging in our place value lesson. So, we got out our Base 10 equipment, worked together and used our Reasoning learning muscle to show our partners how we had worked something out. We made fantastic progress too!