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Year 5


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Final week! (13.07.20)

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Writing Challenge


Your final writing challenge is a formal report activity. Watch the videos and complete the tasks:


Extra Challenge: Write a formal report about Lockdown.


Maths Challenge


Your final maths challenge is about identifying 3D shapes from 2D. Watch the videos and complete the activities:


Extra Challenge:


Art Challenge


Your final challenge is a texture lesson:


Have a lovely week and an amazing Summer holiday!

Home learning - Amaan & Alishba

Week 16 REVIEW

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Week 16 - Weekly Challenge 6 (06.07.20)

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Writing Challenge


Your challenge is following on from your description work last week. This week is all about prepositions. (A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else.)

Use the link to watch videos about prepositions and complete the activities:


Maths Challenge


Your challenge this week is revising multiplication. Remember your place value headings to help you when completing the column multiplication methods.

Use the link to watch the video and complete the activities:


Music Challenge 


This week's challenge is around pulse. Complete the lesson by following this link:


Remember there are lots of other activities on both BBC Bitesize and on The Oak National Academy which you can do if you wish to!


Please send your work to us via email:


Mrs Sherras and Mrs Murby



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Home Learning - Weekly Challenge 5

Some of Year 5 have completed the art challenge this week - based on the Yorkshire Air Museum. Above are the posters by Amaan, Musa and Alishba. They're brilliant!


Amaan's poster was inspired by the Gloster Javelin plane. He carefully drew the plane and has also researched more about the Gloster. Musa's poster is focused on the fire engine in the museum. Some fabulous work this week!

Week 15 - Weekly Challenge 5 (29.06.20)

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Writing Challenge


Your challenge this week is all around setting:

Watch the videos and complete the activities all around setting descriptions and context in your writing.


Maths Challenge


Your challenge is all around methods for addition and subtraction:

Remember the different methods and strategies we have used in school on how to add and subtract, such as column addition and column subtraction. Also, remember place value as this will help you when adding and subtracting. 


In addition, don't forget to keep practising your times tables on TTRockstars! 


Art Challenge


We would normally get the opportunity to visit a museum linked to our WW2 topic - unfortunately we are unable to do that! So instead, I would like you to have a virtual tour of the museum by visiting their website:

Click on 'Explore' then 'Exhibition Areas'. Look at all the different exhibits they have at the museum. Then look around the different pages of the website to try to find out more about WW2.

Once you have explored the website you need to create a poster!

Pick your favourite exhibit and sketch it (using careful sketching skills) and make your poster as an advert for the museum!


Here are some example posters from different museums:

Home learning - Comic challenge

Musa and Amaan, from Pullman, completed Wek 4's writing challenge. Here are their comics. Great work by both!

Home Learning

Alishba, from Pullman, has been very busy completing the weekly challenges! Have a look above at what she has achieved - it includes a mixture of work from the solar system to inverted commas. Well done to Alishba!

Momina, from Horowitz, has been very creative at home and has painted these beautiful canvases!

We have an artist in the class!!

Week 14- Weekly Challenges 4 Review

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Week 14 - Weekly Challenge 4 (22.06.20)

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Writing Challenge


This week's writing challenge is to create your own comic! This website has some videos to help with ideas of what you can include.

It also has a reminder of parenthesis, which I would like you to include in your comic! 

Maths Challenge


This week is still linked to time. But this time it is understanding timetables.

Watch this video as a reminder:


Then complete this task:

Reading Challenge


We studied the Amazon Rainforest in class. To further your understanding, here is a reading comprehension all around the rainforest:

Week 3 Review

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Weekly Challenge 3 - Home learning work

Amaan from Pullman has been very busy at home! Above is his Anglo-Saxon work and his work around the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' - some fantastic work!
Musa from Pullman has been doing his own science investigations. He made a glitter jar!


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Musa has been very busy with all sorts from baking to science! Here are some more pictures of some of the things he has been up to:

Week 13 - Weekly Challenge 3 (15.06.20)

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Writing Challenge

This week your writing challenges are all around the story 'Where the Wild Things Are'


1. Watch the video:

2. Imagine you are Max. Write a diary as Max about your adventures. Remember to write your diary in chronological order and include your thoughts and feelings. Try to include parenthesis (which was revised a couple of weeks ago).

3. Write your own version of the story with a different adventure for Max to go on where he causes mischief! You should write it as a story and include speech using inverted commas.


Extra Challenges

The book has been made into a film in 2009: 

1. Watch the trailer:

2. Compare the book to the film. You could present it in any way you wish e.g. as a table, thought bubbles etc.

3. Act out the story and film it!



Maths Challenge

This week your challenge is all about Time. 

Here is a link to the BBC Daily lessons:

There are videos and activities linked to time where you can become a football referee and help to solve problems!



History Challenge

As lots of you enjoy our history lessons in school, we thought you would enjoy learning about the Anglo-Saxons. Watch the videos and complete the activities beloew the video


Please send any work you can to us and we can share it on here:


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Sherras and Mrs Murby

Weekly Challenge 2- Review

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Home Learning

Lots of children have been very busy at home with their learning! Eshal from Horowitz class has shared some of her project work with us. She looked at Space, Animals in the Rainforest and Olympics. Fantastic job Eshal!


Don't forget to send your work into us via email to -


Week 12 - Weekly Challenge 2

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Writing Challenge

Inverted commas:


Extra Challenge:

After you have completed the challenges online, please try to use inverted commas in your own writing. You could write a paragraph about something that has happened at home including speech or you could challenge yourself to write your own story - remember to punctuate correctly using inverted commas.


Maths Challenge

Multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000


Extra Challenge:

Try to write your own maths problem which involves multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. 


Science Challenge

The Solar System:


Please send your work to:


Mrs Murby and Mrs Sherras

Weekly Challenge 1-Review

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Week 11 - Weekly Challenge 1

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Writing Challenge:


Use this image to write a paragraph (or story) using parenthesis:

Maths Challenge:

Adding and subtracting fractions (with different denominators) 

You can do your work in your exercise books (in your first home learning packs) or on your computers. Please send an attachment of your work or a picture of your work to our email address -


We look forward to seeing your fractions and parenthesis work!


Mrs Sherras and Mrs Murby

Hello from Mrs Sherras - Week 9!

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Hello from Mrs Murby - Week 9!

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Mrs Murby and her boys!

Hello from Mrs Sherras - Week 8 in lockdown!

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Purple Mash - VE Day


This weekend was the Bank Holiday where we celebrated 75 years after VE Day. Year 5 have been challenged to do some activities on Purple Mash linked to VE day. Here is some of the work that has already been handed in (Eshal - Horowitz and Amina - Pullman):

Hello from Mrs Murby - Week 8 in lockdown!

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Hello from Mrs Sherras - Week 7 in lockdown!

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The finished product this week from Mr and Mrs Sherras - baking!


Collaboration Challenge:

Collaborate to do something of your choice with your family (boards games, jigsaws, games, puzzles, baking, cooking etc).


Send what you have been doing to Mrs Sherras and Mrs Murby to:


Happy collaborating! 

Hello from Mrs Murby - Week 7 in lockdown!

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The Oak Academy has daily lessons for all year groups and all subjects!

Hello from Mrs Sherras!

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Hello from Mrs Murby!

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Here are some links to help you with your learning:



BBC Bitesize is brilliant - it has all subjects linked to what we have done in school:

Science Day


Year 5 are learning about life cycles. We looked at different classifications of animals and their life cycles. As part of our Science day, we explored the human life cycle and carried out an investigation about reaction time in children (comparing boys and girls). Then we looked at the life cycle of a frog - we recreated on of the stages and made frogspawn slime!

Buckden Residential


Some children from Year 5 went on a 4 day residential to Buckden House. We had an amazing week doing lots of activities such as high ropes, caving, walking, archery and ghyll scrambling. Here are some pictures of our adventures!



We have been learning about deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. We looked at the pros (e.g. medicine, shampoo, and resources) and the cons (e.g. climate change, flooding, extinction, destruction of habitats and biodiversity).


We developed our understanding by doing an investigation at the Den. We created two hills - one which had no trees (deforested) and one with trees. When we poured water over them we saw how the soil was effected.


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Police Visit


We have had two visits from a local police officer.


Our first visit was about 'Online Bullying'. She explained what it was, talked through how to notice it as well as how to prevent it and what to do if it happens. Our second visit was about 'Online Safety'. This sessions ensured we understood how to stay safe online; looking at age restrictions and the CEOP button. Hopefully we are all now more confident when online!  

Amazon tribes


We became members of an Amazon tribe! We had an injured member who we had to get to safety, so we collaborated to make a stretcher. We needed food, so we persevered to make a fire. Then we got stuck in the vines and had to help each other get through the vines of the rainforest!


Here are some pictures of how we got on...

Success - we made a stretcher!

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Amazon setting dance


In Literacy, Year 5 are beginning to read 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson. We have been studying the main character, Maia, and looking at her journey along the Amazon river. We absorbed ourselves in the setting by listening to sounds and watching clips of the Amazon to help us to understand the setting and atmosphere.


We collaborated to create a dance to represent what you would see in the Amazon (from the animals to the trees).


Here are some of our dances.

Green group

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Red group

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Air Resistance


Year 5 have been looking at forces during this half term - such as gravity, air resistance and water resistance. We conducted an investigation to see what effects how quickly something falls to the ground. We made parachutes of different sizes to investigate air resistance and surface area.


"The biggest parachute was the slowest to fall because it has a larger surface area so there is more air resistance." - Samia 


Winter Craft Morning


Year 5 had a lovely morning being creative! We used origami skills to make lots of different things such as wreaths, snow flakes and baubles. 

Christmas Jumper Day!

Solar System Rap!

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Sky Poems


We created our own poems about the sky. We distilled to look for opportunities to practise new skills such as personification and using figurative language. Here are 3 of our poems:

- Momina

- Mallaika

- Haseem

Grimm's fairy tales


We listened to some of the Grimm Brother's Fairy tales such as Rumpelstiltskin and Hansel and Gretel. We recreated different parts of the stories. We got 'lost in the woods' and had to find our way out then made some potions! 

Cosmic Disco Poems


This half term, we have been looking at a variety of poems around our topic. We acted then out, created art and wrote our own versions of the poems. 

Here are some of our performances:

Orange group

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Bonfire Night


Year 5 had a great time learning about bonfire night and activities which take place around this time of year. We got conkers and made them so we could have conker competitions - we had to work on our aiming technique! We also had a fire and thought about how to be safe on bonfire night - we even had popcorn fireworks! To end the day we went apple bobbing, only one of us managed to get an apple though!

Popcorn Fireworks!

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Apple Bobbing

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Ancient Egyptian Tablets - Display

Ancient Egyptian Tablets


Year 5 have been working towards creating our own Ancient Egyptian clay tablets this year. We completed a variety of tasks to help us to develop the skills to complete this. This included:

- Researching Egyptian art work

- Exploring clay skills using plasticine

- Designing our tablet

- Creating a prototype out of plasticine

- Reflecting 

- Making our final tablet in clay

- Painting the tablet


Here are some pictures of our journey.

Ancient Egypt


Throughout this half term we have studied the Ancient Egyptian period. Four members of our year group created a green screen to share the information we have found out. We hope this helps you to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians!

Ancient Egypt by Momina, Halima, Jazim and Muhammad Ali

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Leeds City Museum



To develop our understanding of the Ancient Egyptian era, we went to the Leeds City Museum. We explored the museum and took part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop where we looked at Egyptian artefacts, made our own amulets, mummified a body and even saw a real life mummy!


We had an amazing time - here are some of our pictures:

The General - Information Text


While reading 'The General' we found out a lot of information about General Jodhpur. We used this to create an information test. Here are two readings of our information texts.



Role Play


As part of our work in Literacy we have been looking at a book - The General. To absorb ourselves into the characters we got into role as soldiers and officers of The General!

Separating Solids


To begin our learning around the properties of materials, we looked at solids, liquids and gases. We began by separating different solids from each other: sand from cornflakes, sugar from peas, rice from paper clips and flour from raisins. We decided which equipment would be best to help us to separate these materials (colanders, sieves and magnets). We looked at the materials and discussed their properties (magnetic, small, flow etc) which helped us to choose the correct equipment. 

Here is how we got on:

Year 5 Archaeologists!


We learned how to become an archaeologist! We used sieves, trowels and gloves to dig for artefacts. We found lots of replica artefacts from Ancient Egypt. We used our noticing muscles to see what they told us about Ancient Egypt.

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