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                     History comes alive!             11.06.21


There was much excitement today when our Anglo-Saxon History box arrived! It was full of replica artefacts from the period. We had lots of fun dressing up in the costumes of the time and looking at the different items wondering what they would be used for.

9.6.21                                                 Analysing different types of headgear


The children used their noticing and making links muscles to look at a range of hats and helmets. They looked at the centurion helmet, Sutton Hoo helmet, building-site hard hats, knight helmets and a verity of hats. They explored how they looked and how they were shaped to make them fit. The looked at the materials they were/would have been made from to do their jobs. The noticed special decorations and features of the headgear and of course had lots of fun trying them on.

                                    WW2 VE Day Celebration

Year 5 had a fabulous morning celebrating VE day as part of our WORLD WAR TWO topic. We painted flags to start the day, followed by a picnic at ‘The Den’, where we played games. We all had lots of fun and got into the spirit of the day.

                      Making Bubble and Squeak   19.05.21

Year 5 used their ‘Meta-learning’ muscles to use lots of different skills and equipment to make ‘Bubble and Squeak’. They chopped potatoes, before boiling them and mashing them to make mashed potatoes. They fried onions in butter to add taste and flavour to the dish. Next, they mixed the potatoes and onions together with ‘left-over’ vegetables. Finally, they moulded the mixture into a patty before baking them in the oven.

Dissecting Flowers   18.03.21


Year 5 used there making links and noticing muscles learn about the different parts of a plant. They dissected different types of flowers and identified the different parts. It was quite difficult to see the ovaries in the lilies but they could be seen clearly in the daffodils.

  Investigating Reaction Times            17.03.21

Year 5 used their meta-learning muscles well to investigate reaction times using the ruler drop test. They made predictions before carrying out the investigation, recording their results in a table. Finally, they drew a bar chart of their results and wrote a conclusion. 

Online Safety (10.03.21)

Today Year 5 had an online workshop with Jo from the police. We learnt how to use the virtual world safely, what good and bad attention online and how to identify age restrictions.

Making Space Rovers     02/12/2020

Today Year 5 used their meta-learning and collaborative muscles well to design and construct their own space rovers. They first explored what features real rovers had and then thought about what other features a rover might need to have. After designing their own rover they used various items to construct them such as boxes, tubes, straws and foil.  

                            Investigating Levers              25.11.20

Yesterday afternoon Year 5 used their meta-learning muscles well to investigate how levers worked. They found out that the position of the pivot affects how much effort is needed to lift the load. They also used their noticing muscles well to discover how levers are used in everyday life.

16.11.20                                   Online Bullying Workshop


Today, Jo the Police officer came to talk to the Year 5 children about online bullying. They learnt what is classed as online bullying and how everyone can be targeted by online bullies even famous people such as Ariane Grande and Zayn Malik. They discussed the consequences of bullying or saying mean things online, which is breaking the law if you are over 10 years old.  They discussed what should be done of you are being bullied online and who you should tell.

Water Resistance Investigation   13.11.20

This afternoon Year 5 used their meta-learning muscles well to investigate water resistance. They used their noticing muscles to find out how the shape of an object affects how quickly it will travel through water. They found out that a long, thin object was more streamlined and will travel quicker through water than a flat object because there was less water resistance.

Science –Forces

Year 5 have begun a new Science topic about forces. They have learnt about how forces act on objects and have found out about Sir Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity. This afternoon they used their noticing muscles well to use Newton-meters to measure the weight of different masses.

Ancient Egypt Workship - Leeds City Museum


Year 5 have joined Leeds City Museum via Zoom today to learn more about Ancient Egypt. The session started with a virtual your of the museum, which included us being able to see their mummy! The mummy is called Nesyamun and is 3,000 years old. Some of the bandages have been unwrapped, so we were able to see his head, his hands and feet.


The children asked some super questions :


What did Nesyamun die of?


Why are his teeth still white?


Where was he disovered?


What else was discovered by the archaeologists? 


We then watched a video which explained the mummification process, joining in with hooking out the brain from the nose and feeling what the organs would have felt like as they were removed from the body.


Separating Mixtures


We used our reasoning muscles to work out how to separate mixtures of solids and liquids. We used filter paper in a funnel to separate sand from a salt solution. We then left the solution in a container to allow the water to evaporate and leave the salt behind.

                                        02.10.20    Soluble or Insoluble?


The children used their making links and noticing muscles to carry out and experiment. They mixed a variety of dry material with water to see which would dissolve.

02.10.2020        English-Drama

In English we are reading a story called ‘The General’. An unexpected event causes him to change how he thinks about the world. We used our imagining muscles to give advice to The General about what he should do. Talha Zahid, Ayaan Ahmed, Ruqayya Bi and Maddie Westcott from Pullman class all received two house points each for their performance.

Talha Zahid

Still image for this video

Ayaan Ahmed

Still image for this video

Maddie Westcott

Still image for this video

Ruqayya Bi

Still image for this video

25.09.20                      Separating Mixtures


In year 5 we used our making links and noticing muscles to explore separating a mixture of solids in different sizes. We used different sized sieves, colanders as well as magnets to help us extract small metal objects. It was fun and slightly messy but we learnt a lot!


23.09.20                  Art-Practising Skills


The children used their Imitation muscles to explore using play dough to learn different techniques which they could use in their own sculptures. The used modelling clay to create a sunken relief using tools, explore the effects of different tools, practise cutting, stamping, moulding, and create a raised relief by attaching additional material.



22.09.20                                                                  Locating Egypt on a Map


In our geography lesson year 5 used their Noticing muscle to located and learnt about the different continents, the Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the North and South hemispheres. They went on to locate Egypt on a world map and then on a map of the continent of Africa.

Ancient Egyptian Artefacts 


The children in year 5 are studying the Ancient Egyptian era in history. Today they looked at replica artefacts and pictures of Egyptian artefacts. They stretched their Reasoning muscles to discuss and explore what the object was and what it might have been used for.



           (7.9.20) Self-Portraits



As a class we choose three words to describe ourselves. We learnt that we are all unique but together we can be a masterpiece. The children used their Noticing muscles to look at their features in a mirror to draw a self-portrait. They made links to what they already knew about sketching and used different techniques to draw. Can you guess who is who?

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