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Year 5

End of year picnic!


To end the year, the whole school went over to the den to enjoy a picnic together! Here are some pictures of the fun we had!

Dream Believe Achieve Maths Day


We were very lucky to have a variety of visitors in school to inspire us. We met police community support officers (PCSO's), an air hostess, people who work in a bank and a risk analyst. 


They explained how they got their job, what inspired them and how they use maths in their jobs. We had an amazing day learning about all the different jobs and how maths is important for our futures.

Yorkshire Air Museum


As part of our WW2 topic, Year 5 went to the Yorkshire Air Museum near York. We had a brilliant time developing our knowledge about the war and the planes which were used. We became paratroopers, explored different air crafts in the hangers and had the chance to talk to a gentleman who was alive during the war!


Here are some pictures to show what we got up to!



Some children in year 5, who have had brilliant attendance this term, were lucky enough to experience Quidditch for kids! We worked as teams to take on different roles such as beaters and chasers, it was fabulous!

King of the Sky


Through our Literacy book, 'King of the Sky', we have created many pieces of writing. Here is a display of our pigeon guide books, which we wrote to help the main character in our book. He is helping to train his pigeon: King of the Sky (Re Del Cielo)

Buckden Residential


Some of the Year 5 children had the opportunity to go on a 4 day residential to Buckden House, which is an Outdoor Education Centre. 


We completed an abundance of team building activities while learning. We went gill scrambling, into caves, on walks and much more!


We had an amazing time! 

Gymnasts in training!


Year 5 boys have been developing their gymnastics skills this half term. We worked on balance, rolls, jumps and travelling. We ensured we had control and created different sequences on and off of apparatus.

Here are some of us in action!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Amazon Animals


As part of our DT work this half term, we have been creating an auto-mata animal. We had a design brief from the WWF to make an awe inspiring moving animal, which showcases the animals, making people aware of endangered animals in the Amazon Rainforest.


We planned, created prototypes, used Batik, made CAMs and much more to create our animals.


Here are some of our finished products along with our journey:

Church Visit


Today year 5 went on a trip to the church.  We learnt about how and why Christians celebrate Easter.  We used our imagination muscles to create stained class window decorations and our listening and empathy muscles to learn about the Easter story.  We collaborated to play team games.

Church Visit

Road Safety


Year 5 were involved in  road safety workshop. We developed our understanding of how to cross the road safely and what the green cross code is.

Carnival Tribe Dance


Year 5 boys have been looking at dance and music from another culture. We learned a dance routine as a class then worked in groups to create our our dance routines. We worked on moving to the rhythm of the music and having control. Here is one of our final pieces!

Ayaan, Wassalam, Muddassir and Ismail

Still image for this video

Animal Documentaries


This half term we are continuing our learning about the Amazon, focusing on the animals in the Amazon rainforest.  We were inspired by Sir David Attenborough's programmes, such as 'Planet Earth', to create our own animal documentary. We researched our favourite animal, planned our script and performed our documentary to the audience.


Still image for this video


Journey to the River Sea


This half term we have been reading the adventure story 'Journey to the River Sea' 


Related image


We have just read an exciting part of the story, here are some freeze frames from the different scenes in the book


Deforestation Investigation


Alongside our Amazon topic we have been learning about deforestation. We looked at the pros and cons of deforestation and the affects it has on the world. To help us to understand deforestation we conducted an investigation about the affect the trees have on the ground. We noticed that where there were more trees, there was less soil erosion.  Here are some pictures of our investigation:


E-safety and Online Bullying


Our local police community support officer (PCSO) came into school to talk to us about being safe online. She shared information about how to stay safe and how to use the internet responsibly. We also looked into the age restrictions on games and websites.  We now have lots of ideas for how we can stay safe online and what to do if we think there is bullying online.



Amazon Experience in the Den!


To immerse ourselves in our new topic - The Amazon - we became Amazonian Native Indians! We made stretchers from vines and branches, fire to keep away the jaguars, we had to climb through a web made of vines and we collaborated to get across the swamp: avoiding the alligators!


Fire Safety


Fire fighters from the local fire station came to school to inform us about how we can stay safe in the event of a fire and how to prevent fires. They shared information about ensuring our houses are safe and how we can travel safely in cars. Some of us even became fire fighter and had to get on all of their uniform!


Teach-Rex Day!


We recently had a dinosaur visit our school! In year 5 we were inspired by the dinosaur and our poetry work to write our own poems. We based our ideas on 'The Dragon Who ate our School' and innovated it to become 'The Dinosaur who devoured our School'! We had a wonderful day with the dinosaur, writing our poems and making dinosaur puppets to perform our poetry.  Here are some pictures from the day and some of our poems, we hope the dinosaur doesn't devour our school!



Cosmic Disco Poems


This half term year 5 have been looking at a variety of poems linked to our science topic about Space. We have looked at poems about colour, winter, the northern lights and many more.  Here is a selection of our poems and art work.


Story writing in Year 5


We have been learning about descriptive stories. We used a WAGOLL text from Anne Fine's book 'The Chicken Gave it to Me' to get ideas about how to show feelings and emotions in a story. We innovated the story to write our own version from a different characters point of view. Here are two of our stories:

- Ayaan - Horowitz

- Aaliyah - Horowitz


We found a real mummy!


To develop our understanding about how the Ancient Egyptians influenced us today, we went to the Leeds City Museum. We explored different exhibitions of the museum, mummified a body and even found a real mummy. We had fun and learned lots about the Egyptians. 


Walk like an Egyptian!


As part of our PE learning this half term, the girls in Year 5 have been learning to dance to music from different cultures. We learned how to dance 'like an Egyptian'. We then created our own dance routine to the music. 


Ancient Egyptians Research


Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We have been researching different parts of life as an Ancient Egyptian. We created a powerpoint. Some will be sharing these in assembly!

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