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Year 6

🌈 We wish you all the very best for the future Year Six! 🌈

Class of 2020

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A message from your teachers...

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Week 16 - Weekend Task

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06.07.20 We were inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky and created our own abstract art

Week 16 - Home Learning Tasks

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Autobiography story map

Week 15 - Weekend Task

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Week 15

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Week 14 Weekend task

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Poetry Competition

Week 14 Tasks

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Week 13 Review

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Emotions Wheel - Artwork

Our work...

A message from Mrs Saunders

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Week 13 Tasks

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Week 12 - Recap and Weekend Task

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Mindful Walking

Mindful Art Inspiration

Week 12 Tasks

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Weekly task

Week 11 - Recap and weekend task

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Week 11 - Mrs Saunders and Mrs Ali

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Week 9 - Mrs Saunders & Mrs Ali

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This week's focus: mental health & kindness

Kindness postcard Ideas...

Week 8 - Mrs Ali

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New topic books have arrived in the post! Looking forward to sharing them with you when we return to school.

New home learning packs are ready to be collected this week.

Lockdown week 8 - Mrs Saunders

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To all our Year 6's:


As SATs week arrives, it is not quite the same, 

The tests that were printed this year never came, 

The displays are still up; walls full of maths 'rules', 

But Year 6 looks very different, at present, in schools. 


For some of you, happiness, lots of relief, 

For others a sigh of pure disbelief, 

That you worked really hard in advance of this week, 

Expected and Greater Depth marks you did seek.


Algebra, fractions and times table drills, 

Inference, retrieval, in-depth reading skills, 

Past present, progressive... and all the SPaG terms, 

You've practised and mastered them over the years. 


Fear not though, the SATs, yes, won't happen this term, 

But remember tests don't measure everything you learn, 

Primary subjects are varied; you've always tried your best, 

And many of those skills that you've gained can't be defined by a test.


So here at Miriam Lord, you've made us so proud, 

We sit here with pride and we shout this out loud...

"Year 6 you amaze us, you've come so incredibly far...

And we don't need a test to see how amazing you are!" 


Week 7 lockdown - Mrs Saunders

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 What is collaboration?


Collaboration tasks (choose one):

  • Draw a picture of how you have collaborated with your family during lockdown. This might be cooking together, playing board games or learning as a family. Write a few sentences underneath your picture to explain what is happening.
  • Who has collaborated with you to help you during lockdown? For example, your parents might have worked with you to complete your home learning packs. Make them a thank you card to show them how much you appreciate their support.
  • Working together to save lives: why has collaboration been important around the world when fighting Coronavirus? Write down as many reasons as you can. You could present this as a poster.  
  • Can you think of ways we can collaborate (as a country and with other counties) to prevent things like this happening again in the future? Write a letter to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, explaining your ideas.

Please email your work to the Year 6 email address: 

Haleemah's photos of happiness during lockdown

Mrs Ali's photos of happiness during lockdown

Mrs Saunders' photos of happiness during lockdown

Week 7 lockdown - Mrs Ali

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Hello from Mrs Saunders

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Hello from Mrs Ali

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Useful links to keep you busy!


Christmas Craft Morning

Year 6 enjoyed inviting their parents into school this week to make our own Christmas snowmen! We enjoyed listening to Christmas music and getting in the festive spirit. 

The Vikings

We have really enjoyed learning about the Vikings this term. In History, we have learned about when Vikings attacked Britain and why - learning all about their first raid in Lindisfarne. We have also thought about how this impacted the Anglo Saxons and how their laws changed. We enjoyed learning about Viking everyday life and how this is different to our own, finding out that Vikings weren't all raiders, some had other jobs like farmers, jewelry makers and potters! We have also thought about the legacy that the Vikings have left behind. 


In Geography, we have looked at the places the Vikings came from (orginally known as Scandanavia) and why they decided to come to Britain. We were also really amazed to find out that some of the places in Britain have Viking names! 


In Design and Technology, we have made our very own fabulous Viking Longboats. We made links with our learning in history, to make these long and narrow as we know vikings used to sail down narrow rivers to they could sneak up on people. We took our time developing our designs, researching, creating a series of sketches and constructing a prototype: making sure that we could refine our ideas as effectively as possible before we build our final design. We had to try and make sure our Viking design was: watertight, able to float and balance, hold 10 plastic cubes and looked historically accurate with a sail, shields and oars. We were all very pleased with our final products and we felt very relieved when most of them floated in the water tank! Have a look at our wonderful designs below. 


Future Transport 

As part of last week's Dream Believe Achieve Event - Design The Future, Year 6 placed themselves in the shoes of a FutureTech engineer to design different types of transport to change the future. To make sure we could come up with very best ideas, we discussed what types of learning muscles were really important for engineering. To design a successful product, we were asked to include: new exciting features, features to decrease pollution and ways to improve the appearance. Our teachers were blown away with the creative ideas we came up with. Take a look at our amazing inventions below. 

Arthur and the Golden Rope

In Literacy, we have really enjoyed immersing ourselves in our class book this term – Arthur and the Golden Rope. We began this unit by looking at snippets of information; this sent our imaginations running wild as we tried to predict what this book might be about. We could not wait to read on and find out more!

When we reached an advert in the story that told us about the opportunity to visit The Brownstone Family Vault, we put our persuading skills to the test and took part in some hot seating. We really enjoyed using our Reasoning muscle to prove why we were the best candidate.

As the book developed further, Mr Brownstone told us of the adventures of Arthur. This lead us to think a lot about storytelling and how this differs from reading aloud. We practised our our storytelling skills with a lesson on readers theatre where we used our voices and actions to bring the story to life. We also took part in some thought-tracking activities, which helped us to empathise with the characters’’ thoughts and feelings. We then capitalised on our learning from these experiences, to help us to plan a newspaper report, reporting on the wolf attack in Arthur’s town.

We are really looking forward to finding out how this story will end once we have finished writing our newspaper report.

Cliffe Castle 

What do fossils tell us about life millions of years ago? On our Year 6 trip Cliffe Castle, we worked scientifically to look at a variety of fossil specimens and sources. We used our Reasoning Muscle to explain our own theories about how certain species had evolved over time. Afterwards, we flexed our Making Links Muscle to examine how certain fossils had changed over time. 


Fossil Art 

As part of our curriculum unit, Evolution and Inheritance, we have developed our very own fossil creation. This has involved sketching, designing, selecting and mixed media exploration to come up with our own idea for a final piece of artwork. 

Mary Anning 

We have been using our Capitalising muscle to learn about a significant individual, Marry Anning, who contributed to the scientific understanding of evolution. When she was just 12, she discovered the skull of a mysterious creature poking out from a cliff on the Lyme Regis coast. Many thought at the time that it might be a crocodile, but what she had discovered was actually an ancient reptile called an ichthyosaur (which means ‘fish lizard’).

Mary went on to make more incredible discoveries in her life, including a long-necked marine reptile called a plesiosaur and a flying reptile called a Dimorphodon.


For our literacy work this term, we are looking at the book 'Varmints' by Helen Ward and Marc Craste. We have been using our Imagining muscle to place ourselves in the main characters shoes. This has helped us to come up with our own creative writing pieces based on the story. 

As part of our work on the Varmints, we have enjoyed taking part in role play scenarios and hot seating the main character. This has helped us to use our Empathising muscle to prepare for our next piece of writing - a diary entry. 
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