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ICT - Text Adventures


This half term, we are planning and creating our own text adventure games. These are based on a story where you have to make choices throughout the games which will determine what happens next in the game. We've spent  a lot of time planning our games - here is what we've been planning:


To end the term, Year 6 spent the afternoon at the Den. We had a mixture of activities such as PE and team-building to choose from. We had a great afternoon supporting and collaborating with each other.



This half term, we are pleased to all be back in school and have delved into our 'Electricity' unit. We have been understanding circuits and symbols and creating our our circuits. We investigated the effects of voltage on our circuits. Here are some photos of our investigations:

Rock Down Relief

As part of the TT Rockstars Red Nose Day challenge (Rock Down Relief), Year 6 have been competing to try to be the winning class for our school! We have some fantastic mathematicians who have some very fast fingers!!


Literacy - Newspaper reports

During Autumn 2, we have been reading 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. There was a terrible attack in the story so we decided to write a newpaper report. We included skills such as 5Ws, indirect and direct speech. These are some of our finished reports.

Christmas Jumper Day


To raise money for the charity 'Save the Children', we came to school wearing Christmas jumpers! Here are some of us with our jumpers on!

DT - Viking Longships


As part of our Viking topic, we became ship builders! We researched Viking ships, practised with resources, planned our prototype. Then we tested our prototypes and reasoned whether they were successful - looking back at our design brief. We evaluated our prototypes and used our findings to design our final ship. We made three designs, then chose the one we thought met the design brief best. We collaborated to make our final boat. We tested it and evaluated it against the design brief (to be historically accurate, water tight, be able to float and balance, hold cubes and be attractive). We were interdependent, using the strengths of people in our teams. Lots of us were expert ship builders!

Mental Health Workshop


Year 6 were lucky to have visitors from the Bradford Mental Health team. We discussed coping strategies for anxiety and stress. We realised that all feelings are important and it is OK to be anxious. We created our own self soothing glittery bottle to use when we are worried. It was so much fun! We developed our understanding of the importance of talking about our feelings and worries.

PE - Viking Dance


As part of our PE lessons this half term, we have been learning to dance like a Viking! We thought about how to use our bodies to move to Viking music - as a Viking! We thought about rhythm, tempo, control, balance and how to be in time with each other and the music. Her is one of our performances!


Still image for this video

Literacy - Reader's theatre!


While becoming immersed in our book this half term (Arthur and the Golden Rope), we became performance readers. We used skills such as tone, props and actions to perform some of the text. Here are some of our performances:


Still image for this video
Alishba, Amaan and Momina


Still image for this video
Ruqayya, Zain, Petra and Usman

ICT - Spreadsheets

In ICT, we have been developing our knowledge of spreadsheets. We used existing knowledge of cells, rows and column to begin to understand how spreadsheets can help us to understand and work out probability.

History - Viking evidence


As part of our Viking work, we looked at different types of sources (primary and secondary) and understood what we can learn from them. 


We became archaeologists!

We looked different artefacts from the Viking era. We used our distilling and noticing muscles to see what these artefacts tell us about the Vikings and their everday life. We compared different artefacts from different places, such as Sutton Hoo, and thought about the type of people who they would belong to and what their lifestyles would have been like!

Maths - Fractions


We have started looking at fractions in Year 6. We are understanding that 'fractions are equal parts of a whole'. We have revised equivalent fractions and understood how to simplify fractions. We are now looking of improper, proper and mixed number fractions. We used resources to help us to understand how to change improper fractions to mixed number fractions:

History - Viking vs Anglo Saxons


We looked at the events leading up to and after the first Viking invasion in 793 of Lindisfarne. We researched what happened to the Anglo-Saxon people when the Vikings invaded Britain, lead by King Guthrum. We listened to different points of view about the Viking invasions - King Alfred the Great (Anglo-Saxon leader) compared to the people of Britain at the time. We debated whether the Viking invasion was a positive or negative experience for the people of Britain at the time.


After an interesting debate, we concluded that it was a positive experience! Some reasons for this were that they were more free to travel through the kingdoms and that they could learn skills from the Vikings.


We understood that this led to a peaceful treaty between the Vikings (Guthrum) and the Anglo-Saxons (Alfred the Great) and a new area called 'Danelaw' 


PE - Basketball


Year 6 have been doing invasion games in PE this term. We have focused on Basketball. We learned and developed skills such as dribbling, marking, defending, attacking and shooting. We collaborated to find space, mark the opposition and also encouraged each other in our teams. We celebrated each others' skills and used certain people in different positions depending on their personal skills.

Anti - Bullying Week


Some children in Year 6 were inspired by the news to show their support for Anti-Bullying week. We decided to wear odd socks for the day!

Find out more:  

Online Bullying


It is 'Anti-Bullying' week this week so we had a visitor from the police. Jo, who has been visiting us since Year 3, came to talk to use about online bullying. We learned that it is a form of abuse and how we should deal with it. We learned about the consequences of online bullying.

PE - Gymnastics


During PE, Year 6 have been developing and revising their gymnastics skills. We have been focusing on rolls and jumps, ensuring we perform them to a high standard. We made our own sequences then created a group routine using rolls and jumps. We were developing the skills of linking moves within the sequence focusing on precision and control.


Still image for this video
Amaarah and Halima


Still image for this video
Haseem and Zain


Still image for this video
Ruqayya and Mallaika

Geography - Vikings place names

We have been learning about the legacy of the Vikings and how, even today, we still use Viking words. We found lots of places in England (especially in the North-East) which use words from the Viking era. We found places such as Whitby, Mablethorpe, Inverness and lots more! We learned about the meaning of the words. For example 'Whitkirk' means white church (kirk meaning church). We used different maps, OS maps and an Atlas to find as many as we could!

History - Vikings Timeline

During Autumn 2, Year 6 are learning about Vikings. We started by placing the Viking era in a timeline to understand when in history the Vikings lived. We then looked at key events during the Viking period and thought about which events were the most significant and why. For example: the invasion of Lindisfarne.



We really enjoyed the book 'Varmints' and the tension and meaning behind it. We created lots of thoughtful pieces of work using lots of different skills such as expanded noun phrases and figurative language. As part of the unit, we became authors of the book and wrote the next page. Here is some of our work:

Evolution and Inheritance

During Autumn 1, Year 6 explored the topic of 'Evolution and Inheritance'. We started studying Mary Anning and her fossils, then we looked at Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution (and much more along the way!). This display shows our learning journey.

Fossil Art - Final creations!


Here are some of our artists' work:

Fossil Art


Linked to our topic, 'Evolution and Inheritence', we began to study fossils to begin to understand how the world has evolved. We looked at different types of fossils and used different sketching and shading skills to draw them. Then we designed our own fossils and chose one to create into our own replica fossil. We created a prototype to practise skills, such as layering, to use in our final fossil replica. 

ICT - Coding


Year 6 have been making links to their coding skills from previous years. We developed our understanding of the 'script' which gives computers instructions. We have built onto these skills to begin to add timers and scores to eventually create a game!


This half term in Year 6, we have begun looking at the book 'Varmints' by Helen Ward. We used our imagination to think about what a varmint might look like (before seeing what they are!). We had a warning that there had been a varmint outbreak in Bradford - we thought we must warn the community!

Here are some of our warning describing the varmints:

Here We Are

On return to school, we looked at the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We were inspired by the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong to create our own poems about our wonderful world!
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