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Practise - Making fossils using Plaster of



Today, we explored ways to add additional detail and texture using tools to scratch and score the surface when set. We applied colour using chosen chalk pastels, blended with a brush to mimic stone or apply a wash of watercolours.

(21.09.21)                           Practise - Making fossils using Plaster of Paris


The year 6 children used their Making Links and Collaboration muscle to create a range of ‘fossils’ of natural objects e.g. shells and leaves by imprinting in playdough. They created a protective collar to form a mould and used Plaster of Paris to make a cast and produced a fossil.

15.09.21                                E-Safety

                                 Safety and Risk Icons


Today we used our noticing and reasoning muscle to identify risks and safety feature icons online. These icons included sharing location, secure websites, spoof websites, phishing and other email scams. We discussed steps they can take to protect themselves including protecting their digital footprint, where to go for help, smart rules and security software. We had a little quiz at the end to see who remembered the most. It was great fun.

14.09.21                           HOT SEATING- Mary Annings


We read the story of Fossil Girl and learnt about the life of Mary Annings. We used our Imagination and questioning muscle to think of some questions we would like to ask Mary if she was alive today. We imagined we were Mary and thought about how we would be feeling and the things we might say.

                                                         9.9.21        Guitar Lessons


Year 6 children used their listening and perseverance muscles for their first guitar lessons with Mr Hayes. They learnt about the history of the guitar and how stings instruments have been around for thousands of years. They learnt the names of the different parts of a guitar and how to hold it. The children mastered two open cords B and E and managed to play along to a song. Well Done everyone!


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