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Tour Of Resourced Provision

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The Resourced Provision at Miriam Lord Primary School has been created, and is managed, by Bradford MDC to meet the complex learning needs of pupils aged 5-11 with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). The provision is staffed by council employees, who are outstanding specialist teachers and support staff with high levels of expertise and knowledge in teaching pupils with ASC. All the pupils are on the school roll and attend both mainstream and Resourced Provision lessons, where individual needs allow.


The vision is to allow pupils with an autism diagnosis to access their education within a mainstream class, allowing them to be fully included in school life. The pupils spend as much time as possible within their mainstream class (usually well over 50% of their timetable) but have a specialist classroom which they can access if they need to during the school day. Pupils can also take part in any relevant interventions required for their development in the Resourced Provision, and are given access to specialist equipment and facilities when needed.


The provision will ensure all pupils are working towards their Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) objectives and that the needs of this plan will be met. Staff within the school have high expectations for the pupils, both within their mainstream class and the provision. Pupils will achieve the best possible outcomes against both their EHCP targets, and their academic education, through the school’s broad and varied curriculum.


The Resourced Provision aims to provide:


  • Specialist education and support within a mainstream school to meet the needs of the EHCP;
  • Opportunities for pupils to progress both socially and academically through individual learning plans;
  • Access to a safe learning environment within the wider school and the Resourced Provision;
  • Space to learn and develop valuable life skills.


Resourced Provision Staff

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