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Safeguarding Check


At Miriam Lord Primary School we understand that keeping children safe is our most important job.  All members of staff, including volunteers, and members of the Governing Body fully recognise the roles and responsibilities placed upon them regarding the safeguarding and welfare of pupils at the school.  We believe that our school should provide a safe and stimulating environment in which pupils can learn and which promotes the social, physical and emotional well-being of each individual pupil.


Single Central Record (SCR)

All Schools must keep a single central record in line with statutory guidance. The single central record must cover the following people:


  • all staff (including supply staff) who work at the school;
  • all others who work in regular contact with children in the school, including volunteers.


Generally, the information to be recorded on these individuals is whether or not the following checks have been carried out or certificates obtained, the date on which the checks were completed and who completed the check:


  • an identity check;
  • a barred list check;
  • an enhanced DBS check;
  • a prohibition from teaching check;
  • further checks on people living or working outside the UK;
  • a check of professional qualifications; and
  • a check to establish the person’s right to work in the United Kingdom. 


At Miriam Lord Primary School we have a Single Central Record (SCR) which is monitored on a half-termly basis and kept up to date as/when a new application for clearance is approved; this monitoring is known as the 'Safeguarding Check'.


When carrying out the safeguarding monitoring, the SCR is printed off and reviewed by members of the Senior Leadership Team, as well as reviewed on occasion by members of the Governing Body.  Checking this document is extremely important to us, as we understand that every adult working with our children must be fully vetted and their reference checks be up to date.


First Aid 

To ensure we are compliant with first aid procedures and that equipment is stored correctly and in-date, we carry out a half-termly check of all first aid supplies around school i.e. first aid station and a check of equipment in the hygiene room.


Vulnerable Pupils

We have a number of vulnerable pupils in school, who require additional support to overcome barriers to achievement.  As an SLT and Pastoral Team we carry out a half-termly review of this support, including reviews of any action plans, to see if pupils are receiving the best support possible and identify ways we can help them further.


CPOMs Review

At Miriam Lord we use an online system for recording and tracking all incidents linked to behaviour, safeguarding and child protection; this system is called 'CPOMs'.  As part of our 'Safeguarding Check' we review the previous half-terms' incidents that were recorded on CPOMs and decide if any further follow up is necessary.  By following up events through discussions we are able to see how behaviour has changed and if incidents of a similar nature have reoccurred.  As part of this work we also analyse the key groups of pupils involved to ensure that no pupil is disadvantaged at Miriam Lord because of age, gender, ethnicity or circumstance.


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